Essential Bathroom Design Questions

For the best bathroom design, bathroom remodel possible for you and your family.

Asking the right questions is the foundation for personalized design. We’ve developed a time-tested approach to unearthing our clients’ needs that leads to designs that delight them.

How do you prepare for your supercharged day, or unwind as it draws to a close? Do you dream of soothing away tensions under a powerful, massaging shower and stepping out onto an inviting, heated floor? What style enchants you—traditional, soft curves or clean, contemporary lines?
Because it’s all about customizing the bathroom to your needs and wants, we ask a lot of questions before we start the Bathroom Design, The overall question is “how do you use your bathroom?” This determines the size, placement and features of bathroom cabinets, number of outlets, double or single vanity, accessibility and safety issues for a shower and bath, and much more.
By asking the right questions to uncover your needs, we can design a bathroom that blends with your aesthetic sensibilities and functional needs.


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What is the main reason you want to design & remodel your bathroom?

Is the bathroom faulty or causing damage to any other part of the house?

Is the bathoom safe? By "safe" we mean, are the surfaces slippery? Can you safely get in and out of the bathtub? Are the outlets properly protected by GFCI receptacles?

What amperage rating is your electrical service? Do you plan to upgrade your electrical service of is it already 200 amps? Do you blow a fuse or trip a circuit when you are using a hair dryer or other bathroom equipment? In the new bathrrom design do you want to add bathroom lighting, ambient, task, accent or decorative, lighting beyond what is there now?

Do you know what kind of water supply pipes you have? Copper? PVC? Galvanized? Are there any leaks?

Have you though about any structural changes, like building an addition to accommodate a whole new bathroom design? Do you want to expand into any adjoining space?

Do you have a timeframe in mind to be allocated for the project?

What is your budget? We can design and build beautiful bathrooms within any budgetary restrictions.


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