Cabinet Care and Maintenance

Avoid Damage and maintain beauty
Wood Cabinets
The finish or top coat needs curing time so cleaning within the first 2 or 3 weeks is not recommended. If Signature Kitchens Additions & Baths did a bath or kitchen design & remodeling project for you then you would not have had access to the cabinetry during this time. However, if we are designing & delivering only then you should keep this time frame in mind.

Caring for bath or kitchen cabinetry is just like caring for fine furniture. Clean with a damp cloth dry enough to not leave any excess moisture behind. A small amount of lemon oil can help keep the cabinets looking fresh. Avoid petroleum based products with the smell of lemon. Almost all aerosols are petroleum based. You know petroleum cannot be good for wood or for you!

Of course never use abrasives just a clean soft cloth.

Who is more dangerous to your cabinetry than a 3 year old on a Big Wheel? You’re MAID, your cleaning company. If you use a service… they are in a hurry. This means they often use the same cleaner on the granite, the floor, the cabinetry and the windows. You must be very, very clear that they are not to use anything but the recommendations above.

Wood ages over time. Direct sun light speeds the aging process on people, furniture and cabinets. Keep this in mind. Keep it especially in mind if you don’t want a two tone kitchen. In other words if half the kitchen gets a lot of direct sun light and the other half gets none. You get the two tone picture.

Thermafoil, Foil & Not Wood Laminate Cabinets

There are a lot of new bath and kitchen cabinetry surfaces these days. We’ve gone Italian or European in some of our offerings. Some of these finishes are tougher than wood and some are more delicate.
Simply use a dam cloth. Never ever use anything with a petroleum base. Which generally means if you shake and spray stay away!


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