Caring for Quartz Countertops

When you compare the benefits of quartz countertops vs. granite the first thing that you have to consider is the durability of the surface. Will it stand up to the daily use and occasional abuse that we put these surfaces through?

Granite is very strong but Quartz is stronger and harder and resists chipping and cracking better. Unlike granite Quartz countertops such as Cambria, Zodiac, Caesarstone and Silestone are nonporous and are permanently sealed. Quartz resists staining from wine, oil, vinegars, coffee etc.. However you can still stain the surface so wipe up spills quickly. Quartz resists scratching but it’s not scratch proof. Watch what you drag across your quartz surface it may not be soft like marble but it can be scratched. Coasters, trivets, hot pads and cutting boards to protect the surface from excessive heat, scratches and stains is just good common sense.

Clean with water or hand soap will keep you out of trouble. A recommended cleaner such as Marblelife granite quartz & countertop cleaner will keep harsher cleaners out of your children and husband’s hands. More important it allows clear instructions to cleaning services or maids.


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