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Like no other project in your home, your kitchen impacts your life and your homes value at resale. A stunning kitchen design can make a home you have lived in for twenty years or a life time feel brand new & exciting once more. Brand new not just to you every day, but to your children who may now be adults at Thanksgiving and the holidays. Brand new to neighbors and friends when you entertain. Even though you spent all day preparing the living or family room for the party, it is your kitchen that is the face of your home.


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Chevy Chase MD Kitchen Design Ideas: Where to Start

When you have neighbors, friends and guests over for dinner, what do you want? Do you want to present a contemporary kitchen design to your guests, complete with colorful contrasts, modern textures, and green technology? Or perhaps you would prefer your guests to enjoy a traditional kitchen design, maybe more common in Chevy Chase, complete with more ornate kitchen cabinets, maybe white kitchen cabients? Exquisite decorative lighting, luxurious granite textures, and a splash of color. The designers at Signature Kitchens Additions & Baths can achieve either approach for you.

A Well-thought out kitchen design is critical for function as well as beauty. A kitchen that suffers from kitchen design ideas that were not thought through likely suffers from being awkward to work & entertain in, feels clunky, and creates unnecessary work. Furthermore, you shouldn’t have to dread entertaining guests or cooking dinner in your kitchen. And since the kitchen is the main family gathering space, a badly designed kitchen can have an impact on your family’s time together.

We encourage our customers to start thinking of kitchen design ideas even before they come to the first design consultation in our showroom. To this end we have put together descriptions of a few kitchens and the kitchen design ideas that were behind them. Get inspired and then call us today for a complimentary design consultation.

Kitchen Design Idea #1: Color and Texture

Chevy Chase MD Kitchen Island Kitchen Design

This kitchen exudes warmth and homeliness, bringing to mind a tropical lifestyle. Can you imagine this kitchen design in your home? Perhaps it wouldn’t fit in with the more typical styles of Chevy Chase homes, but this kitchen offers some good kitchen design ideas to learn from either way.

First, notice the lack of uniformity in the cabinetry finishes, textures and colors? Rather than a uniform look, this kitchen design relies on complementary styles. The Bahama-style double cabinet doors on the left are not replicated in the cabinets around the sink, yet they appear complimentary.

Next, notice the use of color to support the distinct-but-complimentary nature of this kitchen design. Each separate work area – the sink, cooking, storage and island areas – is delineated by different colors and styles. The light blue surrounding the sink area separates it from the light brown storage and cooking areas, as well as the white kitchen island area.

This kitchen design idea uses color and texture to great effect. The individual but complimentary styles serve to break up the space and make each area stand out all the more. Keep this in mind as you start thinking of your own kitchen design ideas & the kitchen cabinets you might select.

Kitchen Design Idea #2: Interesting Kitchen Floor Plan

kitchen design chevy chase Urban Chic Kitchen

Unlike the previous kitchen, which used the kitchen design idea of multiple complimentary styles, this kitchen takes comfort in a uniform style. We can learn from this kitchen design that you might only need one well-chosen kitchen cabinet style – a light birch texture, clear glass ornamentation, stainless steal, and light and airiness – to make your Chevy Chase kitchen cabinet remodel pop.

Besides contrasting the previous kitchen design idea and showing that no one kitchen design principle overrides all others, this design also shows the design potential of an interesting kitchen floor plan. The work stations in this kitchen are set apart not by style or color, but by placement. See how the island is placed at a distance from the storage area along the far wall? Besides creating a feeling of work separation, this distance also organically ingrains the kitchen in the rest of the home.

It is also interesting how this kitchen design idea uses mass. Notice the twin appliance towers on either side of the sink area and how they balance each other out. The placement of the square cabinets is irregular, ensuring that the kitchen cabinetry is not an imposing mass of storage.

Kitchen Design Idea #3

Traditional Kitchen Design Chevy Chase

Kitchen design ideas can also be taken too far, as evidenced by this third kitchen. Simply put, there are much too many elements competing for you attention. This kitchen design idea attempts a more traditional approach than the previous ones, but takes it to an extreme. The hearth, for instance, is packed with kitsch and one-use decorations. As opposed to the previous kitchen design ideas, this one uses elements that feel neither uniform nor complimentary, creating a kitchen design mishmash.

There are, however, a few good kitchen ideas at play in this kitchen, most notably in the island. With room for seating on one side and for preparation on the other, this island looks especially well-adapted to entertaining both guests and family members. Would you like more ideas a site I like is in Chicago. Its always good to shake things up a bit check out Airoom for kitchen design ideas.

Kitchen Design for your Chevy Chase home: What Next?

Looking at kitchen design ideas is just the beginning of the kitchen design process, but you’re well on your the way to a great kitchen design. Take the next step by scheduling a complimentary kitchen design consultation with one of our award-winning kitchen designers. Whether you have some of your own kitchen design ideas or want help designing the kitchen from the ground up, our designers can help you attain the kitchen design in Chevy Chase you’ve always wanted.

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