Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Custom Kitchen Cabinetry designed by Signature and Custom Manufactured by Jay Rambo Co. in Oklahoma is outstanding.

Custom Kitchen Cabinetry meticulously designed & handcrafted

The overriding criterion for including a cabinet line in our showroom is the quality of its craftsmanship. Jay Rambo Co. of Tulsa Oklahoma shapes by skilled hands some of the best custom kitchen cabinetry and offers the most unique cabinet doors our kitchen designers have ever seen. A wide variety of species, 10 species and finishes are available. Could you name 10 wood species. Try and I will bet after you pass Maple & Cherry you might say Walnut and Mahaganny. Do you know how many semi custom cabinet manufacturers produce a Walnut or Mahaganny door? The answer is none. Want to see the beauty of Walnut or Mahaganny come to our showroom we have both on display. We urge you to see for yourself. This custom cabinetry manufacturer creates their own doors. The interior panel, the outer edge profile as well as the interior profile of our Jay Rambo Co. custom cabinetry doors can be modified to your Signature Kitchens Additions & Baths designer’s specifications. A Jay Rambo Kitchen designed by a Signature designer is uniquely yours.

Custom Kitchen Cabinetry is an affordable luxury

A new kitchen is an important investment in your home and your family life. A well designed semi custom kitchen can certainly become your most treasured room in the house. A deftly designed and hand built set of custom kitchen cabinets, along with an outstanding overall design becomes more precious with time and is uniquely your own. No one else can easily replicate your cabinetry. You won’t visit a friend’s home and say ‘we have the same kitchen you do’ or hear it when they come to visit you. The difference in cost between our semi-custom and custom kitchen cabinetry lines might add to the overall budget another $10,000.00 to $15,000.00 which can be a burden in an already expensive endeavor. However, like many affordable luxuries it’s the additional investment that makes it worth every penny. We invite you to schedule an appointment today with a designer for a thorough review of all our custom kitchen cabinetry.

Custom Cabinetry splendid species and finishes

We show a large hand tooled Kitchen Island at the front of our showroom which we designed & Jay Rambo Co. manufactured made of Sapele Mahoganny with an espresso finish. Espresso is quite popular today and is often seen on quartersawn Oak because the grain stands out. In contrast Mahoganny has a rich ribboned grain which reveals itself though dark stains and has a refined elegant quality which quartersawn oak lacks. Some of our doors and custom cabinetry actually look scrumptious. It makes me think of food, it’s almost as though I could take out a fork and knife, cut off a piece and eat it like it was chocolate cake. The perimeter of this large kitchen display is clear Alder, a sub species of Birch. It is hand stained and burnished in a Straw stain with a Van Dyke Glazed finish. Looking at it make me think of French vanilla ice cream with butterscotch drizzle. The display might actually be fattening. When you visit the showroom …I’d like to know if anyone else wants to take a bite out of our Jay Rambo Cabinetry

Walnut doors, which you can have in a pecan glaze! Really, who sells Walnut? No one that we know of. With walnut you can achieve that dark color with a light stain and get lots of beautiful grain. Knotty Alder is pretty but like hickory it’s rustic, perfect for a beach house or ski lodge. Clear Adler i.e. no knotty is really a very nice species with more grain than cherry or maple and less grain than oak. Of course there is Cherry and Maple. There is oak and quarter sawn oak. How about white Canadian oak? How about quarter sawn cherry? You should be getting the picture. The Jay Rambo custom cabinetry line is very diverse. If you’re looking for a unique species, as well as extraordinary finishes this line ought to be high on your radar.

Enough already with the food let’s talk about custom kitchen cabinet doors

Five Quarter custom kitchen cabinet doors. Ever bang on your cabinet doors and you get that twangy knock sound. You have to admit it sounds inexpensive. The sound of not solid …sounds inexpensive. Solid and heavy …sounds and feels like quality. Knock on a 5/4 door and you’ll hurt your knuckles. Think of passage way door in a house. Solid core doors have weight; hollow core doors have no weight. Builder grade is almost always hollow core, custom is almost always solid core. The bottom line weight is a prime ingredient of superior quality.

There is a problem with Custom Kitchen Cabinetry

It’s not price. Granted it’s not inexpensive but it is reasonable. The dilemma is it takes an accomplished kitchen designer with a practiced eye for intricate detail to do this custom kitchen cabinetry justice. It takes skilled craftsmen to install it such that it shows all its glory. Jay Rambo custom kitchen cabinets are built half like kitchen cabinetry and half like furniture. Custom kitchen cabinetry built like this is actually called “furniture grade cabinetry”. We don’t get boxes of boxes. We get big chunks of the kitchen. What looks like two or three cabinets and some moldings is actually built as one piece. To illustrate look at your current kitchen cabinets you can clearly distinguish one cabinet from the next because you can see the line of demarcation where they are screwed together. Now look at a piece of high quality furniture like your dining room hutch or bedroom armoire. There are no vertical lines of demarcation between doors or drawers. That’s because that piece of furniture was built as one piece. The face frame style (vertical) and rails (horizontal) behind the doors are made of as few pieces of wood as possible. Let me put it another way. The face frame vertical pieces of wood which we call styles are one piece of wood not two piece of wood screwed together in the field. This construction method is specified by the designer for units up to 96″ wide and up to 10′ tall. The result of course is luxurious custom kitchen cabinetry which is built to last a lifetime.

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