Damascus MD Bathroom Design

Bathroom Design in Damascus with a few twists

“The project went very well. It had elements of a basic bathroom design remodel, but a few twists. We wanted a steam shower, and multiple water sources, and that was a more complicated than most other contractors could handle. In general, the competition could probably have installed a pre-fab steam shower (like a big tube), but nobody else gave us the confidence that they could custom design and install one.”

Quote’s from Greg Gardner 9914 Founders Way Damascus MD 20872

Complexity of bathroom design in Damascus

“The design for the entire bathroom was fantastic, and very detailed. The products were outstanding and the workmanship exceptional. I really don’ t believe any other company that we met with could have pulled off this project. I’m very certain we would have been disappointed, but with Signature, it was the opposite – very satisfied. Not only does it work great, but it is a really good looking space, as well.”

We Highly recommend Signature for Bathroom Design in Damascus

Just a couple points for those considering something more than run-of-the-mill renovation. First, it will cost more than you may expect, but when you start with a new design from scratch and introduce anything unique, you have to expect to pay for that expertise. Second, these things can take a while. Since it’s not a cookie-cutter update, there will likely be glitches. This project took about 3 months of steady work. There were a couple of unanticipated snags, but the Signature people worked through them (the communication revolving around these glitches could have been a little better, but a minor element now that it is complete).
All in all, we highly recommend Signature.

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