Design Retainer

Design Retainer

Good design requires an investment of time. Both your time and your designers time. In order for your designer to invest that time, especially the conceptual drawing time, a retainer agreement is entered into at the end of the first or second design meeting.

Design Retainer Fees are based upon project size and complexity. Typical Design Retainers based upon project size are:

$900.00         Projects less than $25,000.00, such as hall bathrooms, closets, and design & materials only.

$1,900.00      Projects between $25,000 and $65,000, such as master bathrooms and many kitchens.

$2,900.00      Projects between $65,000 and $100,000, such as large kitchens, and multiple rooms.

$3,900.00      Projects above $100,000 to $150,000, such as very large kitchens, additions & whole house.

All design retainer fees are credited to a minimum contract equal to ten times the retainer. For example you want to design and remodel your hall bathroom. After your initial meeting at the showroom your designer provides you with a two page design retainer agreement with a fee of $900.00. Stated in that agreement the $900.00 shall be credited to a minimum project price or materials only price of $9,000.00.

An Architect typically charges 5% to 7% of the anticipated project costs for permit drawings and 7% to 10% of anticipated project costs for working drawings. An architects drawings are his work product. An Architects fees are spent in exchange for the drawings and are not credited to the project in any way.

Signature’s design retainer fees are considerably lower than an architects fees because our product is the remodel or materials only sale. Our fees are meant to give you and your designer the investment of time necessary to achieve good design.


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