Is Gray Cabinetry Here To Stay

Is Gray Paints & Stains A Fad in Bathroom & Kitchen Design?

Is Gray Cabinetry Here To Stay?

A common question in the Signature Kitchens Additions & Baths showroom – “Is gray just a fad or is it here to stay?” The question is usually asked when we are presenting a gray painted or gray stained cabinet door. The other day I answered the question by handing the customer a piece of Carrara Marble. The most expensive Carrara marble is very gray and has been used in homes since before Julius Caesar. Carrara Marble by the way comes from the mountains of the Province of Massa and Carrara in Tuscany Italy.

Admittedly gray painted & gray stains for kitchen cabinets is relatively new. But the use of gray in bathroom & kitchen design is older than Julius Caesar. Of course white in the kitchen is timeless so what about gray. You know gray wall color, carpet and counter tops did not just show up these last few years. It has been around for decades. You already know this if you have ever selected a paint color. A white gray is a common consideration. Gray is a neutral color which plays well with almost all other colors; bright, soft, warm or cool colors and compliments gray often with stunning results.

From our project pages I have pulled a few examples where different shades of gray were used in our bathroom or kitchen design, sometimes the gray is used in the kitchen cabinets sometimes in abutting surfaces.

Gray Paints in Kitchen Design

Harrison St DC Light & Dark Gray




A Washington DC Kitchen Design Remodel on Harrison St NW features Dura Supreme Alectra Cabinetry in two layers of color Graphite Gray and Mineral Gray.




Brown Gray Kitchen Design in Mclean VA

Brown Gray Kitchen Design in Mclean VA

Kitchen design remodel Mclean VA Dura Supreme Cabinetry Breckenridge door, knotty alder with a cashew stain and a coffee glaze. This stain and glaze combo has a gray component which is accentuated by the custom concrete tops.







Rockville Bathroom Design in Peppercorn Gray

Rockville Bathroom Design in Peppercorn Gray


Rockville MD Bathroom design remodel Dura Supreme Bria frameless Craftsman panel plus door with a peppercorn finish. This is also a gray based stain.





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