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Kitchen design and remodeling, like no home improvement project, can transform your home & transform your life. Our Mclean Va Kitchen design clients agree. Have you ever noticed that most parties and gatherings seem to center not around the main entertaining spaces, but the kitchen? At the end of the day, even though you spent all morning preparing the living room for the party, it is not usually where the party is.

When your neighbors and friends come over, whats your look? How do you want to present your home and yourself? Do you want your guests to be greeted with a contemporary kitchen, complete with accent lighting, stark contrasts and steel appliances? Or perhaps you’d like to present a more traditional lifestyle, consisting of more ornate cabinetry, exquisite wooden textures and decorative lighting.

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Kitchen Design McLean VA Where do you start

Making the decision to have your kitchen designed and coming up with ideas is very different. So you’ve decided that a new kitchen will improve your life and that it’s therefore worth the work, but you don’t even know what the next step should be. Who do you call? What do you say? What do you want? Designing a kitchen from scratch can be very stressful because design is an intangible product. You simply cannot buy what you want off a shelf or even a catalog. The design evolves in your mind, your husbands mind and your designers mind as it evolves on paper. Kitchen design is all about communication.

Our designers will work with you to determine a kitchen design that will work best for you, your family, and your home. They will ask you a number of questions about your lifestyle in order to ascertain what elements of design will work best for what you want out of your new kitchen. Your designer will also come out to your home to see your current kitchen and the aesthetic of the home the new kitchen will soon be complimenting. You can read more about the design process here to see where our designer will go from there.

At Signature we encourage our customers to find out about design even before the first consultation. We’ve put together below a few examples and explanations of which principles work and which do not. Take a look at these brief descriptions and then schedule a complimentary consultation with your personal kitchen designer!

McLean VA Kitchen Design: Color and Texture

Island Style McLean Kitchen Design

When you picture yourself in this kitchen you probably feel like you are in a home away from home. The warm colors and soft wooden textures work to make you feel at home even as the Bahama-style cabinet doors invoke a tropical life style. This kitchen shows that color should feature strongly in any good design. As you can see, not all of the cabinets and elements are the same color – this keeps the distinct stations separate, even while each color complements the others. Light blue delineates the sink/cooking area, white sets the island/work area apart, and the light brown marks the storage areas. This kitchen design not only uses three different colors, but also two different counter tops and even several different finishes. Remember that color can go a very long way toward setting your project apart from all the rest.

Kitchen Design McLean VA: Modern Floor Plan


Urban Chic McLean VA Kitchen Design Floor PlanThis picture reflects an interesting idea, one that is very different from the previous design. Whereas the first kitchen used color extensively, this one hardly uses it all. The kitchen design idea behind this picture shows that you can get very creative by changing layout and texture without needing to vary color much at all. This design invites you to imagine yourself talking with friends and family around the island and cooking for a dinner party in its double ovens. You can see that it relies as much on the floor plan itself as anything else. It has four stations: the kitchen island, cooking area, preparation area, and the twin appliance towers on either end. See the way mass is used in this kitchen, how the refrigerator and the double ovens provide balance at each end of the kitchen? And then we get another creative design idea in the space between with the uneven cabinet placement.


A bad idea


Traditional Kitchen remodel McleanThis kitchen takes a design idea a little bit too far. There’s so much going on in this kitchen that it’s dizzying! This is the result of a poorly executed idea. The hearth is packed with too many elements. Unlike the first example, these elements do not work together to create a complementary and organic design.The island looks especially well adapted to providing a space for a large family whose members participate in different activities.

What Next?


This is just the very beginning of the process. Now that you’ve seen a few ideas – and maybe thought of a few of your own! – you’re well on the way to having a new kitchen in your McLean or Great Falls or Vienna home. Now all you need to do is schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our talented designers!

Each of our designers and remodelers has had specialized training through NKBA, SEN or ASID. Unlike many Kitchen and Bath companies, we are not a retail store. We are a design, build, and remodeling company, licensed to work in all areas of Virginia and the surrounding areas. So whether you live in Vienna, VA, McLean, VA or Great Falls, VA, Signature KAB can design and remodel a great kitchen for your home. You can call us any time at (301) 251-1880 or email the owner, Gary Case, at

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