Kitchen Remodel Ideas

The Galley Sink
Kitchen Remodel ideas & innovation at its best. Invented by Roger Shollmier and available for your kitchen remodel at Signature Kitchens, Additions & Baths through our most creative kitchen cabinetry company Jay Rambo.

The Galley is much more than a sink: it’s a super-functional work station! Cutting boards, colanders, a drain rack, and stainless bowls slide above and below each other on two tiers inside the sink.   This design accommodates food preparation, clean up, and serving in one convenient place.  Available in four lengths: 7’, 5½’, 4’, and 3′, the Galley can be installed indoors or outdoor. Add an induction burner and you’ll be able to cook right at the Galley.

Kitchen Remodel Ideas

Kitchen Remodel & Design using double tiered sink.
Kitchen Remodel Ideas
The two tiers of the Galley Sink with myriad Signature Accessories is the ultimate work station for your kitchen remodel. The inter-changeable accessories slide above & below each other, allowing you to create a perfectly functioning space for the task at hand.  Slide the accessories (stainless steel bowls, cutting boards, etc.) as needed and you are ready for the next task.  It is the Swiss Army Knife of kitchen sinks.

Kitchen Remodels Large or Small, Three Sizes Available
Kitchen Remodel Ideas
The Galley is available in three sizes: 7 feet, 5.5 feet and 4 feet wide.  It can be undermounted to the countertop or installed apron-front.  All countertops can work, granite, marble even wood.

Kosher Kitchen Remodel
Meat, dairy or parve?  Have your Signature Kitchens, Additions & Baths designer include the Galley Sink in your Kosher Kitchen Design.  Every accessory is available with three choices of color: red, blue or green.  Separate accessories enable individual preparation of all kosher foods safely yet essentially in the same sink. Genius.  Each food category is kept nicely separated while everything needed for each dish is close at hand.
Kitchen Remodel Ideas
“The Galley has completely changed the way I work in my kitchen. I no longer cook like a caveman, not with my 21st century “Galley Kitchen!” It has taken the task of ‘cleaning up the entire kitchen’ out of the picture.  A kitchen is not an exercise track, it is about having everything needed in it’s place. Why walk around when you can prep, cook, and clean in the Galley work area.  I call that effective.”
-Michael Fusco.

The Galley Sink is revolutionary in function and design. Never before has a sink had so much to offer.  Contact a kitchen designer at Signature Kitchens, Additions & Baths for help with reinventing your kitchen!

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