Kitchen Remodeling and Design Tips for McLean, Vienna & Great Falls


Kitchen Remodeling and Design Tips for McLean Kitchen Remodeling and Design Tips for McLean Kitchen Remodeling and Design Tips for McLean Kitchen Remodeling and Design Tips for McLean Kitchen Remodeling and Design Tips for McLean Kitchen Remodeling and Design Tips for McLean


“Who Should I Meet With First: a Kitchen Designer or a Kitchen Remodeler?”

This is a question we often get. Many of our clients in Vienna, McLean, and Great Falls are unsure whether who they should meet with first: a Kitchen Designer or a Kitchen Remodeler. The kitchen remodel and design process can become even more stressful when you’re lost before you even begin! You might ask yourself whether you first want to go to a kitchen designer who will talk about colors and styles, or whether you want to talk with a remodeler who will talk about structure and material.

At Signature, we have a unique answer to this question that will put you ahead of your Vienna, McLean and Great Falls neighbors: You should meet with both! Signature’s remodelers and designers work together, bringing their unique talents and points of view to the table. Let us explain.

Kitchen Designers

Signature’s award-winning kitchen design team views its work as more of an art than a science. Our designers are most interested in the “why’s” of your project: why you want to remodel your kitchen, why you prefer one style to another, etc. During your complimentary design consultation with one of our kitchen designers, he or she will ask you personal questions, like “Do you like to entertain friends and family?” and “How many meals per day do you cook?” Your designer might even ask for your height or if you are left-handed. They will then compare your answers to their knowledge of Signature’s products, contemporary design trends, and your budgetary guidelines to design for you the perfect kitchen remodel.

Kitchen Remodelers

Our in-house kitchen remodelers, on the other hand, see their work in scientific terms. They are interested not in the “why’s” but the “how’s.” Our kitchen remodeling team sees the quality of a satisfying kitchen remodel in features like well-fitting cabinetry, trim carpentry, the soundness of the kitchen’s structure, etc. The questions they like to ask aren’t about your personal preferences so much as the home’s: whether TGI or LVL structural members would be right for the required load, for instance.

Our Kitchen Designers and Remodelers Work Together

At Signature Kitchens, Additions & Baths, we firmly believe that a satisfying and well-done kitchen design and remodel requires both types of workers, both kitchen designers and kitchen remodelers, to work together through the whole design and remodeling process. Why choose one over the other when their complementary skills will work seamlessly to make the best kitchen possible for your home? Your Virginia home deserves the best work, and the best work requires both kitchen designers and kitchen remodelers. So whether you live in Vienna, VA, McLean, VA or Great Falls, VA, our answer to the question of whether you should first go to a kitchen remodeler or a kitchen designer couldn’t be simpler. You should go to both! Signature Kitchens, Additions and Baths is a one-stop shop for kitchen design and remodeling, a place where you can meet with designers and remodelers at the same time.

Signature Kitchens, Additions & Baths

Each of our designers and remodelers has had specialized training through NKBA, SEN or ASID. Unlike many Kitchen and Bath companies, we are not a retail store. We are a design, build, and remodeling company, licensed to work in all areas of Virginia and the surrounding areas. So whether you live in Vienna, McLean, or Great Falls, Signature KAB can design and remodel a great kitchen for your home. You can call us any time at (301) 251-1880 or email the owner, Gary Case, at

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