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3 Countertops for Your Luxury Kitchen

by Posted on April 24, 2020

3 Countertops for Your Luxury Bethesda Kitchen

Here are the three prime choices to take your luxury Bethesda kitchen countertops to splendid new heights!

No luxury Bethesda kitchen is complete without prized and glossy countertops. Homeowners would be proud to show off their new countertops after a transformative kitchen remodel, especially if they have an open kitchen layout. This way, they could allow the elegance of their counters to emanate throughout the rest of their home. So, what are homeowners gravitating towards in a luxury Bethesda kitchen? Here are the three prime choices to take your luxury Bethesda kitchen countertops to splendid new heights! 


Timeless, polished marble continues to captivate the hearts of homeowners despite its reputation of rigorous upkeep. But can we blame them? This gorgeous type of natural stone is highly unique, which also makes it great for custom kitchen designs. Marble countertops and luxury kitchens are nearly synonymous to many. Yet, while it’s beautiful appearance is the standard most other countertops try to replicate, marble’s material makeup and performance in a luxury Bethesda kitchen can fall short. Aside from a notoriously high price tag, this natural stone is very porous and can stain, scratch, and crack easily. It may be better suited for portions of kitchen counters instead of a whole kitchen for most people. If you genuinely desire its presence in your luxury Bethesda kitchen and don’t mind a high-maintenance regime to clean and seal regularly, a kitchen designer can make this fit into your kitchen remodel.


Don’t be fooled; despite it’s increasing popularity in many kitchens across the country, its increasing affordability does not take away its place among luxury kitchens either. Granite is great for elevating the look of more modest kitchens as well. It’s a natural stone like marble, but granite is far more durable and boasts more color and pattern variety. Admittedly, marble is still a rather expensive material, but it tends to pay for itself in added real estate value. For optimal finish and to preserve its longevity, have a professional install your granite countertops with care.


If you are looking for a countertop option that has the desirable appearance of natural stone without the fuss of constant sealing and being wary of stains, look no further than quartz! Engineered quartz is made by processing quartz minerals with other mineral particles, which then gets formed into slabs and sealed together by resins. Because they’re human-made, there are several color and pattern varieties to choose from for your luxury Bethesda kitchen. It’s non-porous, scratch-resistant, and stain-resistant. These countertops are very heavy, so homeowners need to consult a professional kitchen designer to see if their undercabinet structures need changes to support quartz counters.

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