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4 Bathroom Technology Trends of 2019

by Posted on February 22, 2019


Discover the latest in bathroom design!

The bathrooms in many homes are generally considered practical rooms, but if you’re considering a bathroom remodel or new addition, you’re sure to notice new technology trends that make your bathroom much more comfortable and convenient. Smart technology can do a lot to make your bathroom remodel feel more luxurious. Even the little luxuries can go a long way when it comes to improving your toilet, shower, tub, and other features that you count on each day. Since your bathroom is one of the most often used rooms in the home, the latest technology trends are worth considering for your next bathroom remodel. Here are some of the latest bathroom technology trends of the year.

Connected Cabinets

Cabinetry has traditionally only had one function: storage. You use your medicine cabinet, linen cabinet, and other storage in your bathroom for toiletries and bathroom essentials. But have you considered a smarter alternative? Connected cabinets are allowing homeowners to include power outlets, speaker hookups, and even smartphone docking stations to make their bathroom more efficient. These hookups are great for the luxury of music in the bath, or even just for charging your electric toothbrush.

Upgrade Your Toilet

An outdated toilet can be an irritating waste of water. New, high-tech toilets can reduce your water usage and utility bills using low-flow and dual-flush technology. Look for a WaterSense label when shopping for a new toilet for a model that’s sure to save you water (and money on your next water bill).

Heated Features

Are you tired of cold bathroom floors giving you a rude awakening when it comes time for your morning shower? Heated features can be a great luxury item in your next bathroom remodel. Radiant-heated tiles can make your floor more pleasant on chilly winter mornings while adding an air of luxury to your bathroom. Heated towel racks are another great way to add a spa-like feeling in your own home.

Touchless Faucets

These days, most places you visit probably have motion-detect technology in their sinks to increase hygiene and prevent wasted water. These touchless faucets are becoming a growing trend in home bathrooms as well since they help reduce costs by only running water when in use. These faucets are surprisingly simple to install, but if you’re not ready to make the leap yet, you can always install a low-flow aerator to help curb water use in your bathroom sink.

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