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4 Ways to Embrace Your Gray Kitchen Cabinets

by Posted on September 11, 2020

4 Ways to Embrace Your Gray Kitchen Cabinets in Olney MD

When worked into a kitchen design correctly, gray kitchen cabinets in Olney MD can look uber chic and even cozy.

It seems like nowadays, kitchen cabinets are either trendy painted white or take on a more natural wood color and finish. While these are attractive options, homeowners should turn their attention to gray kitchen cabinets in Olney MD! When worked into a kitchen design correctly, gray kitchen cabinets in Olney MD can look uber chic and even cozy, not drab and uninviting. If you’re looking for some inspiration on incorporating gray kitchen cabinets into your Olney MD kitchen, check out these ideas to make this neutral shade shine.

The Transitional Kitchen Style

A transitional kitchen style blends design elements of traditional and contemporary kitchens into a fittingly named transitional look. Most traditional kitchens stick to neutral color palettes, while the contemporary style typically favors lighter shades. As a result, gray kitchen cabinets are a perfect fit in a transitional kitchen! With whatever direction you take the rest of your kitchen design elements, such as the countertops or backsplash, you can count on gray to complement and not clash with these other choices.

Full On Monochrome

Why stop with just gray kitchen cabinets in Olney MD? Make a statement with your color choice by creating a monochrome kitchen design. Now, there are a few points to keep in mind with any monochromatic kitchen, not just a gray one. Firstly, you can and should use different gray shades to impart just a subtle amount of contrast and visual interest. Secondly, play up the textures and finishes within a monochrome design. Again, mixing textures like raised panels on your custom cabinets or the gray metallic shine of stainless steel will add interesting variation to your Olney MD kitchen.

Two-Tones, Maybe Even Three

If you find it difficult to commit to the monochrome look, try treading into the two or three-tone territory in order to incorporate your gray kitchen cabinets in Olney MD. White and gray are becoming an instant color-pairing classic across several kitchen styles. Further, homeowners love to add warmth back into a classy gray kitchen by pairing the gray cabinets and white marble counters with a rich hardwood floor. Consider even using an unexpected, colorful shade with backsplash tiles, appliance finish, or kitchen seating.

Add Visual Accents

Homeowners are predominantly concerned about having a dull kitchen design when they use gray kitchen cabinets. As you probably know, your kitchen comes together in the details, so picking gray cabinets won’t be an issue at all! To add accents to your kitchen design to make the gray kitchen cabinets pop, use bold hardware for your cabinet handles and drawer pulls. Make sure your kitchen lighting system uses a variety of sources to illuminate your kitchen fully. The light and shadow add more dimension and visual interest to your gray kitchen cabinets.

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