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5 Kitchen Island Design Ideas for Washington, D.C. Kitchens

by Posted on November 15, 2019

5 Kitchen Island Design Ideas for Washington, D.C. Kitchens

Want to make your kitchen island the centerpiece of your Washington, D.C. kitchen? Get started with Signature Kitchens Additions & Baths.

Creating a custom kitchen island design to fit into your Washington, D.C. kitchen leaves homeowners with plenty of options. Aside from the cosmetic choices like countertop materials, size, and base color, kitchen island designs can encompass several more details that add more functionality and style to the overall kitchen. Here are five kitchen island design ideas to consider incorporating into your Washington, D.C. kitchen remodel. 

Two Tiers

Building an island with two-tiered countertops is both elegant and functional. This kitchen island design serves dual purposes: seating and entertaining while leaving homeowners enough workspace to cook and prep. The taller tier lets guests or family sit at the bar height end of the counter while the lower tier is at a comfortable working height for chopping vegetables or washing dishes. Two-tiered counters subtly hideaway your working mess, and provides a clear division between the social space and your working space.

Built-In Appliances

A kitchen island structure can perfectly fit some built-in appliances. Keeping microwaves, dishwashers, toaster ovens, or drawer fridge recessed into the island lends utility to your Washington, D.C. kitchen without further taking up precious counter or undercabinet space. Built-in appliances create a sleek and integrated appearance.

Ornate Carvings

For some craftsman style flair, use ornate carvings throughout your Washington, D.C. kitchen island design. Decorating the kitchen island with detailed carvings on the base and cabinet doors are a brilliant way to showcase elegant craftsmanship. In fact, many homeowners like making their kitchen island look like a robust piece of furniture. Designing a kitchen island with elaborately carved legs both enhances the furniture-like appeal and acts as another point of pride in your overall kitchen design.

Endcap Customization

Endcaps can often be an overlooked area for customization. With some smart design, you can maximize your kitchen island’s storage potential and increase its aesthetic appeal. Consider installing shelves to both store and display kitchen items like cookbooks or spices. Another idea is installing a wine rack and beverage cooler into the endcaps.  

Glass Covers

Incorporating glass into cabinet designs lends a more contemporary look to Washington, D.C. kitchens. Therefore, don’t hesitate to use glass doors on your island cabinet doors. Glass covers come in several different finishes and unique designs. These are great for preventing cabinet items from being knocked over but still showcasing your favorite cookware or dishware. It’s also quite easy to clean and care for glass covers versus wood cabinet doors since longterm water exposure could damage the wood.

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