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Store Tricky Kitchen Items with Innovative Cabinet Designs

by Posted on November 7, 2019

Arlington, VA: Store Tricky Kitchen Items with Innovative Cabinet Designs

Customized and elegant storage solutions with smart cabinet designs. We help design and build the Arlington kitchen of your dreams.

In Arlington, VA homes, maximizing the efficiency of a kitchen means improving the way it functions and how it organizes all of the kitchen tools. Storing trickier kitchen items may present a bit of a problem. Traditionally, Arlington homeowners would try to find a space to keep these items out of the way, but kind of a pain to retrieve when needed. Well, with innovative cabinet designs comes a new era of smart and elegant storage solutions! Here are four types of kitchen items that have been difficult to store in the past, but made simple with unique kitchen cabinet designs.

Pots, Pans, and Lids

Often some of the most awkward items to store in an Arlington kitchen, cookware once frustrated home cooks. Having to stoop down to lower cabinets and to rummage through massive stacks of pots, pans, and lids was a time waster and created an eyesore. Cabinet designs now cater to the ease of organizing and grabbing the right pot or pan. Pull-out cabinet tracks are a practical and accessible solution in many kitchens. These cabinets can have an upper shelf also installed to organize all those lids. Additionally, consider using the often larger corner cabinet space or using deep kitchen drawers to store cookware. If you have a walk-in pantry, hang your pans upon wall-mounted studs or hooks to further maximize your kitchen storage space.

Food Containers

Like cookware, food containers and their corresponding lids need to be stored neatly. Built-in drawer or cabinet organizers keep stacks of plastic containers in order. To save space and your sanity when trying to find the right lid, store the lids and containers in the same area but with organizers to quickly identify the correct shaped cover. For glass food containers that you can quickly grab, try using a dish rack style organizer. This way, you can grab the container you need without moving a bunch of heavier glass containers around.

Kitchen Knives

Sharp cutlery needs to be stored safely. A slotted drawer organizer works similarly to a knife block without having to take up counter space. An organizer prevents knives from jostling around when you open up the drawer and need to find the right knife for your cutting job. This cabinet design solution prevents accidental injuries by keeping the blade covered until it’s needed. Further, it can keep your knives sharper for longer because they won’t get dinged-up clambering against each other.

Heavy Appliances

Sturdy folding shelves eliminate the need to lift more cumbersome kitchen appliances, like stand mixers, out from their storage space. Storing these larger tools keeps your Arlington kitchen counters clear of clutter and wires when not in use. To keep frequently used appliances like toasters, coffee machines, and blenders handy but out of sight easily, install a breakfast or beverage center using stylish upper cabinet designs.

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