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Bathroom Design: Hardest Working Room in Your House!

Kitchen & Bath designers will tell you that bathroom design is more complicated than almost any other room in your house. Your bathroom needs plumbing, electric lines, cabinetry and counters, all working hard to make your daily routines easy. Also, because the bathroom has to withstand a humid environment, it requires waterproof walls and floors that fend off moisture, mold and mildew. And finally, if you want your bathroom to be a spa-like retreat, it needs a harmonious, roomy design.

With these tough demands, it’s no wonder that bathrooms are the most frequently remodeled rooms. Call or email Signature Kitchens Additions & Baths today at the number above to schedule a no obligation appointment with one of our accomplished designers.

Bathroom Design Ideas in DC, Bethesda, Chevy Chase Kensington or Arlington

Historically, however, this hard working room has been crunched into a few cubic feet. So the first step a bath designer takes in bathroom design is to determine how much space is available.

In Washington, D.C. homes Signature often finds claw tubs running the length of narrow bathrooms. If your bathroom is like this, there may be more room to work with than you think. Houses built in Chevy Chase, Bethesda or Arlington before 1960 often have a linen closet abutting the bathroom at the hallway which could be recouped. The tub if moved to the back of the room and turned to run the width instead of the length can add great space. Your bath designer can take back this space for a much better bathroom design. The extra space might be used for a small custom shower or a double vanity sink versus a single vanity sink. This could make a big difference for you & your family.

The Bathroom Design Process

Signature’s bathroom designers will explore with you many different modern bathroom design ideas –everything from bathroom tile designs, to the choice of a bathtub versus a shower, to selecting various shower heads and decorative plumbing fixtures, and evaluating the merits of his and her vanity cabinets.

Our bath designers know the right questions to ask you to determine the bathroom design features that fit your style and your lifestyle. And you’ll have a broad line of products to select from because we represent a wide range of exclusive brands, including those featured in kitchen and bath designer magazines such as Danze, Watermark, and Lacava.

A New Car or a New Bathroom Design?

Because bathrooms are complex, they require the full range of workers: plumbers, electricians, HVAC mechanics, framers and tile setters. Labor costs combined with the price of the tub, toilet, cabinets and tile, often push the cost of a bathroom design & remodel up to that of a small car.

So you might ask yourself, “Do I want to pay to re-design the bathroom or buy a Mini Cooper?” Consider this. While the Mini Cooper steadily depreciates, your new bathroom, according to the National Association of Remodelers, adds value to your home equal to almost your entire investment. When the time comes, an up-to-date bathroom design speeds up your home’s sale.

Still not sure? Our bath designers can meet with you and discuss a beautiful bathroom design and help you evaluate the investment.

Bath Designers at Signature Kitchens, Additions & Baths

Each of our bath designers have had specialized training in bathroom design in style, structure, function and arrangement through NKBA National Kitchen & Bath Association or SEN Design Group. Unlike many Kitchen and Bath companies, we are not a retail store. We are a design build remodeling contractor, licensed in Maryland, DC and Virginia. So whether you live in Bethesda, DC, Potomac, Olney, Silver Spring, Kensington, Capitol Hill or Arlington, Alexandria or Great Falls, Signature Kitchens, Additions & Baths can design a great kitchen, addition, or bath for your home. Not only that, but we can also develop permit-able drawings, process the plans to permit, move the walls, floors and ceilings, install lighting, plumbing, tile, and floor. We can even build a new house for you if you like!

So call now at: 301.830.8582 for your FREE, no-obligation design consultation. Or email the owner, Gary Case, at Gcase@signaturekab.com.


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