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Top Kitchen Remodeling Priorities

by Posted on August 23, 2019

Prioritize your projects during your Bethesda, Maryland kitchen remodel

Bethesda, what are your kitchen remodel priorities? Here are our picks

Homeowners in Bethesda, Maryland and around the D.C., Maryland, Virginia area are ready for a change! And we’re talking about a big change: a kitchen remodel. Homeowners already know what they want to add or why they should remodel their kitchen, but with so much to do, where are they going to begin?

That’s why we made a list of priorities for your Bethesda kitchen remodel. Whether you get it all done now and in one go or do it gradually, know the smart places to invest and begin proper renovations to work towards your beautiful new kitchen. We’ll lay out the areas of your kitchen remodel that should be addressed first so you can add those trendy must-have features to your kitchen later.

Make these aspects the top priorities to your kitchen remodel:


Possibly the biggest aspect to change about a kitchen is the layout. Updating the floor plans of the kitchen can mean adding or taking out big structures like a wall or a kitchen island. Perhaps you want to turn your open plan kitchen into a new galley kitchen, or vice versa. You will want to account for the layout of the new space.

This is no small task to your Bethesda kitchen remodel, so plan and make renovations for this first before adding other wonderful features to your kitchen.


Your shiny new appliances and finishes will only perform up to par if your kitchen infrastructure is up to date with the changes. Prior to making changes to the kitchen appearance, things like framing, windows, plumbing, and electrical work need to reflect the changes that the infrastructure will support, like rerouting plumbing for a new sink.


Your Bethesda kitchen remodel should be built with the intent to last a lifetime. The cost of cabinets can take up nearly half the entire remodeling process, so now is the time to go for quality. Modern cabinetry serves as both functional storage and unique aesthetic markers for your kitchen. Get custom cabinets to fit your new kitchen perfectly. Get the most out of this kitchen remodel by opting for as many high-quality cabinets as you can fit and afford.


Remodeling countertops can cause damage to your other kitchen features like cabinets and plumbing. Updating the countertop material with granite or quartz can also be a costly change. Renovations to countertops mean you should do it early and do it well so it won’t interfere with the whole kitchen remodeling process down the line.

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