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How To Tell If Your Kitchen Needs New Cabinets

We’ve often covered topics on how to choose new cabinets for your Chevy Chase MD kitchen. This is the type of advice homeowners seek out during a kitchen remodel. But if you aren’t exactly planning to renovate the kitchen, you may not be critically assessing whether you need new kitchen cabinets or if it’s the right time to look for some. Kitchen cabinets influence a huge aspect of the overall kitchen’s appeal, so drab, out-dated, or worn looking cabinets simply won’t do. After identifying whether you need new cabinets in your Chevy Chase MD kitchen, you can figure out a plan to repaint, reface, or replace your cabinetry with our Signature Kitchens Additions and Baths team!p>


After identifying whether you need new cabinets in your Chevy Chase MD kitchen, you can figure out a plan to repaint, reface, or replace your cabinetry with our Signature Kitchens Additions and Baths team!

Cabinets are Super Worn

The obvious sign that you may need new cabinets in your Chevy Chase MD kitchen is if the current ones look like they’ve definitely seen better days. Homeowners see and use their kitchen cabinets nearly every day, several times a day even. Some may even notice a cracked door, chipped paint, or a missing knob here and there, but make a mental note to fix it later. Eventually, all these imperfections add up and create an unflattering overall finish to your once beautiful cabinets. Take a closer look now and decide if your kitchen cabinets are overdue for a much-needed upgrade.

Something Doesn’t Smell Right

You don’t have to identify problems with your Chevy Chase kitchen cabinets by sight alone. Open up the cabinet doors, lean close, and take a whiff. Does anything smell not quite right? Our cabinets hold foodstuffs that could spill or go bad in your cupboards. Sometimes, humidity conditions in the kitchen cause mold or mildew to grow in or behind the cabinets. Deep-cleaning may help get rid of some of the smell. However, odors can get stubbornly trapped into wood cabinets, and you may have undetected water damage or mold issues going on with very old cabinets. At this point, it’s much safer for your household and worth the investment to rip out and replace it with new cabinets.

Changing Other Kitchen Structures

So you’ve decided that you are going to move forward with some kitchen remodeling. The scope of your project, such as changing your kitchen layout, may require some serious structural rework. You may need new cabinets to accommodate the drastic changes to your new kitchen design. Are you updating your Chevy Chase MD kitchen with modern appliances too? Today’s appliances are quite more prominent, so you’ll be expected to replace your cabinet configuration anyway to fit the larger machines. Custom cabinetry can fulfill the functional and aesthetic goals of your new kitchen design.

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