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A Luxury Kitchen Design Comes Together in the Details

Completing a kitchen remodel is no small task. A project like this can require a significant investment of both your finances and your time. In the end, a beautiful Washington DC kitchen design that’s both fabulous and functional will be worth all the effort. Any designer and remodeler will tell you that creating a Washington DC kitchen design is all about the many perfect details and decisions coming together. To get you started on thinking like a designer for your next Washington DC kitchen design, here are some of those details that need thoughtful planning.


Any designer and remodeler will tell you that creating a Washington DC kitchen design is all about the many perfect details and decisions coming together.


Perhaps the biggest component of your Washington DC kitchen design is the layout or floor plan of the kitchen. During a remodel, you don’t have to change the layout if that’s not your goal. However, whatever the layout you do have, the rest of your kitchen design needs to work with it, not against it. The layout of your Washington DC kitchen dictates how well your kitchen will flow with the nearby rooms, especially if you have an open-concept kitchen. Further, the layout of your kitchen will drastically impact workflow depending on how easily you can move from the sink to your refrigerator to your cooktop.


Another detail you can’t overlook in a Washington DC kitchen design is storage space. For most kitchens, your custom cabinets are the major determining factor. It’s just as important to consider what interior features or organization systems your cabinetry can use to optimize every inch of precious cabinet space. Think about corner cabinets and pull-out drawers. Also, make use of your kitchen island base for additional storage if you have one.


A lot of homes tend to use the same flooring as they have throughout the rest of their home into their kitchen flooring as well. The floors only differ if most of the home’s flooring is carpet. Regardless of one’s choice in kitchen flooring, homeowners must be mindful of picking something that both looks great but proves quite durable. There’s laminate, luxury vinyl, and even hardwood floors that would look wonderful in a kitchen. For an even more luxurious finish, consider your natural stone tile options.


Creating beautiful kitchen lighting for your Washington DC kitchen design is a two-part need. Firstly, the lighting effect must be appropriate for the room, such as color temperature and casting even light throughout the room. Second, the fixtures themselves should convey a unifying style with the rest of your kitchen design or match the rest of your home’s architecture.


Another detail that does not nearly get enough mention is your kitchen appliances. Kitchen appliances are very telling of a kitchen’s age. For a modern, up-to-date finish, you should swap out some older appliances for new ones that not only will look fresh but can perform more efficiently.

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