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Brilliant Tips to Plan Your Perfect Kitchen Lighting Design in Olney MD

by Posted on November 20, 2020

Brilliant Tips to Plan Your Perfect Kitchen Lighting Design in Olney MD

To achieve the right kitchen lighting design for your Olney MD home, you need to think about more than the lighting fixtures you’ll install.

The kitchen lighting design has such an immense influence over a kitchen design, but many homeowners can overlook this aspect of a kitchen remodeling project. You need the perfect kitchen lighting while you prep your meals as well as when you need to make it the most inviting spot for daily living and special get-togethers alike. To achieve the right kitchen lighting design for your Olney MD home, you need to think about more than the lighting fixtures you’ll install. These tips on planning your ideal lighting design present some other critical factors to consider.

Consider the Multiple Zones and Purposes

Any kitchen lighting design in Olney MD must create a layered lighting system. That is, the light coming from multiple sources. Using layered lighting flatters the overall finished kitchen design best since there won’t be harsh or weird lighting straining or tricking the eye. For any given kitchen, plan for your ambient lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting. Ambient lighting is the general overhead or ceiling lights that illuminate the room, while task lighting cast more purposeful light over specific work surfaces. Accent lighting serves as aesthetic touches to complete the kitchen design but offers relatively little actual utility.

Account for Natural Light and Color Temperature

As part of your layered lighting in your Olney MD kitchen, don’t forget to account for the natural light your kitchen will have during the daytime. Whether your kitchen is bathed in sunlight or artificial light can completely transform your kitchen’s feel. This is why you should also consider the color temperature of the lightbulbs you’ll use. Your kitchen design’s final results can also vary depending on this detail. Consider some chic gray painted cabinets; Do you want a soft white glow to maintain a refined appearance or bring a bit of warmth with a more yellow-toned light?

Fixture Style is Important Too

Your kitchen lighting design in Olney MD can always make a statement, even when the lights are switched off. The style of your lighting fixture can drastically influence the look of your kitchen. With so many models, sizes, materials, and other customizations available, there could be multiple fixtures that would look great in your kitchen design. A good rule of thumb for this choice is something that ties into the look of your home’s architecture to unify your kitchen with the other rooms.

Consult a Kitchen Remodeling Professional

A kitchen remodeling professional can lend you more assistance with creating the perfect kitchen lighting design in your Olney MD home. They have the eye and experience to help you choose what would look best with your overall kitchen. Furthermore, a kitchen remodeler can do more than pick the final fixtures. You can trust a kitchen remodeling professional to have the right background to complete complicated and sometimes dangerous electrical wiring jobs to complete the installation. Otherwise, they can recommend trusted subcontractors for the job.

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