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Choosing Countertop Material For Your Kitchen Remodel

by Posted on August 1, 2020

Factors That Affect Your Countertop Choice For Your Arlington VA Kitchen Remodel

When it comes down to narrowing the countertop choice for your Arlington VA kitchen remodel, there are a few considerations that can help guide your decision!

One of the most used areas of any kitchen is the countertop space. The right material can make a huge statement as part of your Arlington VA kitchen remodel. Homeowners are not short of options in today’s market, with kitchen designers able to procure several natural and engineered choices to suit their needs and tastes. When it comes down to narrowing the countertop choice for your Arlington VA kitchen remodel, there are a few considerations that can help guide your decision!

Home Lifestyle

Beautiful kitchens are meant to be used! Start the process of picking your countertops for your Arlington VA kitchen remodel by assessing your lifestyle at home, especially when you’re in the kitchen. How many meals a day are you preparing at home? Do you use the kitchen for baking? How about hosting and entertaining? How much time can you devote to cleaning and caring for your kitchen? From the beginning, questions like these can help you choose, or even eliminate, a couple of options.

Cost of Material

Aside from the size of your Arlington VA kitchen, one of the limiting factors to your countertop choice will likely be the price point. Cost consideration of the material is a reality to any remodeling project. You may want to consider investing more in a high-quality material you will be satisfied with for years to come, rather than settling on what is cheapest. A kitchen designer can work with your vision and your budget to achieve the best results! For example, they could suggest a stylish countertop material pairing to help off-set the total.


The primary determinant of the amount of maintenance you can expect to devote to your countertops is whether the material is porous or non-porous. For example, gorgeous natural granite and marble boast a lot of durability and beauty. But, these porous stones will require frequent cleaning and consistent sealing to keep stains away. Quartz, an engineered material, is perhaps one of the lowest maintenance countertop options on the market. However, this coveted material is also known for a high price per square foot.


Your Arlington VA kitchen remodel must be planned for longevity, both in terms of performance and beauty. That means you need to consider materials that will be resistant to scratches, burns, stains, warping, and chipping. A lot of this can come down to how dedicated you will be to caring and maintaining your countertops over the years, but it’s good to know which material can be prone to what potential problems. The last thing any homeowner wants is to see their investment damaged after a short period of use.

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