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Choosing Wood Custom Cabinets for Gaithersburg Kitchens

by Posted on February 13, 2020

Choosing Wood Custom Cabinets for Gaithersburg Kitchens

We can help you choose the right wood custom cabinets to bring your Gaithersburg kitchen design together!

Wood custom cabinets suit so many Gaithersburg kitchens because it lends itself to a variety of different styles. From the craftsman style to traditional and contemporary, wood is a versatile material that is perfect for many areas of the kitchen, especially floors, kitchen island bases, and cabinets. Not only are there several species to choose from, but there are different ways to treat, refine, and finish the material into unique wood custom cabinets for Gaithersburg kitchens. Making the right choice for your cabinets lays the foundation for finishing off your project with extras like glass-front doors or cabinet lighting. Are you aware of the differences in the types of woods typically used in kitchen remodeling projects? Read on to learn more, and give Signature Kitchens Additions & Baths a call for more in-depth recommendations for wood custom cabinets for Gaithersburg kitchens!


There are plenty of durable and attractive varieties of hardwood to craft into excellent wood custom cabinets. Hardwood refers to wood species such as hickory, beech, maple, birch, poplar, cherry, teak, oak, and mahogany. These are all different kinds of deciduous trees, meaning they grow leaves and seeds, and will lose their leaves annually. The characteristics of many hardwoods in terms of performance typically include being denser, sturdier, heavier, and rigid. While these heavy-duty qualities make hardwoods a great choice for lasting wood custom cabinet constructions, be aware it tends to be pricier and prone to splitting when hammering nails into hardwood boards. However, using hardwood can add so much luxury to any kitchen design.


Don’t be fooled by its name; softwoods can be just as durable as hardwoods despite being less dense. Softwoods are known to be more pliable than hardwoods, so constructing wood custom cabinets for Gaithersburg kitchens is not an issue. Spruce, pine, fir, cedar, and redwood are just a couple of softwood species. You’ll notice how these trees are coniferous trees, also known as evergreen trees. Softwoods are typically lighter and less expensive, lending themselves well to utility and outdoor structures. Still, many people have come to admire the rustic and knotty-look of softwood patterns, and thus prefer their application in their kitchens.

Engineered Wood

Engineered wood, like plywood and other manufactured products, remains an excellent choice for creating wood custom cabinets. These wood boards are made from mixtures of waste wood from sawmills. The wood chips and pieces are treated through chemical or heat processes to produce composite wood products. These products can achieve different sizes and wood grain patterning that would be difficult to find in nature. Prices for engineered wood and plywood with hardwood veneers vary depending on quality grade.

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