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Clever Bathroom Vanity Storage Ideas

by Posted on December 7, 2018


Upgrade your bathroom with Signature Kitchens, Additions, & Baths!

The bathroom may be the most important room in the house. If the bathroom in your Silver Spring, MD home is small, cramped, and unappealing, it may be time for an upgrade. If a full bathroom remodel isn’t a project you foresee in your future, some clever bathroom storage ideas might be what you need to save the day, especially for the vanity. 

Built-In Organization

While custom, built-in cabinets are more expensive than buying a pre-made vanity, it may be worth it to save your space and sanity. These built-ins can be designed to exactly meet your needs, with hide-away cubbies for the hairdryer or drawer inserts for makeup, for instance.

Floating Vanity

A very stylistic choice is a floating vanity that anchors to the wall without needing to be set on the floor on legs. This frees up the floor space beneath without sacrificing storage, since these often also have drawers. This under space could be used for additional unique storage, such as baskets, or simply be a way to stop stubbing your toes. 

Open Shelving

Open shelving offers a sleek and sophisticated look that can make you feel better about your bathroom, since it is reminiscent of a spa. It also makes it easier to find things, since everything is visible. The only possible downside is that the open shelves need to be kept neat and tidy, but maybe that will be the push you need to keep things organized.

Up-Cycled Items

If you’re not finding a vanity that meets your needs, consider that the piece of furniture doesn’t have to start out as a vanity. Lots of other furniture pieces can be made into vanities, including dressers and buffet tables, and these might give you the extra space you need to keep everything organized.

Step Stool

If your bathroom is also going to be used by little ones, a step stool is a must so they can safely get up to the sink to wash their hands. A stool sitting around the bathroom is a tripping hazard, however, so consider incorporating it into your vanity. The “stools” work like drawers to easily slid into and out of the vanity but can safely hold the weight (since they’re intended to, which your drawers are not).

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