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Consider a Toe Kick Drawer For Your Arlington Kitchen Design

by Posted on July 19, 2019

When you’re planning a kitchen renovation in Arlington, there are many different factors you must consider. From countertops to cabinet colors, there are countless options and opportunities to create a truly unique and beautiful space. One thing that many homeowners forget is usability and creative storage – which is why we’re talking about toe kick drawers. Toe kick drawers are one of the most underutilized and creative options that you can add to your Arlington kitchen! 

What is A Toe Kick Drawer? 

In most kitchens, there is a gap underneath the base of the cabinets against the floor that gets ignored. Toe kick drawers take this dead space and use it for a wide, skinny drawer that opens using a pressure mechanism when nudged with a foot. These drawers are still slightly recessed as to allow for comfort while you work at the counter. 

What Are The Benefits? 

In small kitchens, in particular, having these extra drawers can be a huge benefit. While they are narrow, they’re the ideal place to store small or flat and seasonal objects. Things like baking trays, extra serving dishes, and even seasonal table linens can all be kept tucked away. Toe kick drawers do tend to get a little dustier, but they are a great way to keep clutter off your counters! 

Considering Design 

The front of your toe kick drawers can be made from the same material as your cabinetry and will blend seamlessly if you wish. But, you should consider that if your kitchen cabinets are white that the front’s of the toe-kicks may become scuffed or dirty. Another great option is to opt for a darker contrast color to add depth and hide dirt! Because they are pushed back from the front of the cabinet, they won’t be incredibly noticeable, but if you opt for a painted front a pop of color would be quite fun. 

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