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Creating Visual Interest in Your Kitchen Design

by Posted on June 19, 2020

Creating Visual Interest in Your Gaithersburg Kitchen Design

A focal point can come in many different forms, but it’s always the attention-grabbing aspect of a Gaithersburg kitchen design.

Many homeowners want to incorporate visual interest in their Gaithersburg kitchen design. Often, this is achieved through eye-catching yet balanced design, such as creating a focal point. A focal point in a Gaithersburg kitchen design naturally draws the eye to an object or an area within the kitchen. The element stands out to a viewer but fits wonderfully into the overall design scheme. Indeed, a focal point can come in many different forms, but it’s always the attention-grabbing aspect of a Gaithersburg kitchen design. Here are a few popular ways homeowners go about creating visual interest in a Gaithersburg kitchen design.

Have ideas for creating a focal point or want to discuss how to add visual interest to your kitchen remodel? Get in touch with our designers at Signature Kitchens, Additions, and Baths!

An Island That Stands Out

A kitchen island is one of the most dominant structures in any Gaithersburg kitchen design. Embrace how it’s likely the first thing anyone notices in your kitchen by taking the opportunity to design a unique island! Use a contrasting countertop material, or paint the cabinet base a gorgeous, unexpected color! Don’t be afraid to use a bold shade of paint or warm butcher block for your island, even if you want to achieve a white kitchen remodel. In fact, modern white kitchen designs invite adding a pop of the non-traditional to designate a focal point in an otherwise monochrome kitchen.

Drama Overhead

To draw the eyes upward when someone first takes in the room, create drama with an overhead feature. Sure, you could create visual interest with your choice of upper cabinets and crown molding. But, there are other ways to make the upper portion of your Gaithersburg kitchen design catch the eye! Consider installing an ornate range hood, a glamorous chandelier or some geometric pendant lights, or even a dramatic coffered ceiling design.

Statement Custom Cabinets

Of course, we can’t make a list of ways to create visual interest without mentioning the use of statement custom cabinets! When homeowners choose their kitchen cabinets, they like to think of the cabinet style as the foundation of their overall Gaithersburg kitchen design. This cornerstone of a kitchen design doesn’t necessarily need to be understated to let other elements shine. Expertly crafted and installed cabinetry systems can undoubtedly be the centerpiece of your beautiful kitchen.

Bold Backsplash Tiles

The kitchen backsplash, while functional, presents another opportunity to create a focal point or visual interest in a kitchen design. Think of what unique configurations you can achieve with your choice of tile color, shape, and finish. The backsplash design could be a bold, single-shade installation focusing on a contrasting color, or it could be a meticulously placed patterned design. If you’re worried about a multi-colored pattern clashing with the rest of your kitchen design, tie in the shades used in the backsplash to other areas throughout the kitchen.

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