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Custom Cabinet Designs for Howard County Luxury Kitchens

by Posted on January 24, 2020

Custom Cabinet Designs for Howard County Luxury Kitchens

What makes Howard County luxury kitchens stand out most is the beautiful custom cabinets. There are endless ways to design your very own set!

Howard County luxury kitchens use detailed and custom cabinet designs to create a truly unique kitchen! Homeowners can purchase a beautiful set of kitchen cabinets or request custom constructed storage. However, the hallmarks of any amazing kitchen design lie in the details. By incorporating a few of these cabinet design considerations, Howard County luxury kitchens steal the spotlight from any other room in the house!

Crown Molding

Customization demonstrates care with every design decision. Finishing the tops of upper cabinets with crown molding seems like a subtle element but actually pulls Howard County luxury kitchens together very nicely. Whether it’s a simple or more intricate design, the filled gap between the cabinets and ceiling creates a more cohesive finish to the kitchen design. Plus, the seamless transition of the cabinets to ceiling lend a personalized touch to the construction work.

Cabinet Ends

Cabinet ends deserve some embellishment as well. For too long, Howard County luxury kitchens have overlooked the design potential found in the cabinet ends. Instead of a flushed and flat finish, consider matching the ends with the decorative cabinet door design. Again, this cohesive look suggests uniqueness in the design. There are plenty of wainscotting styles available to suit every taste, just as long as you take advantage of the cabinet end space!

Mix and Match

While matching cabinets have their polished charm, mixing and matching adds so much visual interest to Howard County luxury kitchens. There are several variations of cabinets to choose from to create a unique look. Being able to select various styles further enhances the idea you carefully selected each design aspect of your kitchen. Mix and match styles, colors, and materials. Carefully coordinating your selections will allow each cabinet design to stand out without letting the overall kitchen design seem clashy.

Counter or Pantry

The variation of cabinet designs can extend to the sizes you incorporate into your luxury kitchen. Upper cabinets that sit on the countertops are generally broader and taller than mounted cabinets. The sitting upper cabinets can be converted into convenient beverage centers, or glass-front cabinets can both store and display your exquisite dinnerware, china, or liquor collection. Pantry cabinets are even taller custom cabinets. Aside from storing the usual pantry goods, these tall cabinets can hold your pots and pans, small appliances, or larger cleaning supplies like a broom.

Accent with Hardware

Don’t be afraid to experiment with the hardware! Changing up the handles and knobs on your kitchen cabinets allows for endless customization. Opting for minimal or more ornate hardware styles can drastically alter the appearance of the kitchen. You can just as easily mix and match with hardware too. For an unexpected touch, try exposed hinges to emphasize the metallic accents throughout your luxury kitchen design.

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