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Custom Cabinet Ideas for Bathrooms

by Posted on October 25, 2019

Custom Cabinet Ideas for Germantown Bathrooms

Have you thought of outfitting your Germantown bathrooms with custom cabinets? We have some ideas.

For all those unique and stylish custom cabinet ideas for a kitchen, there are plenty of ways to incorporate custom cabinets into your Germantown bathroom! Customizing bathroom cabinetry is another way to add elegance and functionality to a highly-prized portion of your home. Transform your Germantown master bathroom into an organized sanctuary, be it in contemporary or traditional design style. You can even find custom cabinets to fit into often smaller hallway bathrooms, half baths, or powder rooms. Will you be planning a bathroom remodel in Germantown, MD? Call Signature Kitchens Additions & Baths to begin designing the bathroom of your dreams using custom cabinets.

Custom-Cut Sink Drawer

Often, under the sink, plumbing fixtures means homeowners can’t optimize a bathroom’s already limited storage space. However, with custom-cut drawers, your Germantown bathroom sink cabinets can fit additional layers of storage. Installing cut drawers to work around the plumbing fixtures means the bathroom gets to have convenient drawer space instead of cluttering up the single bottom cabinet shelf.

Styling Station

Often kept in the bathroom are hot styling tools, like curling wands or hair dryers. Use custom cabinets in your Germantown bathroom to create a styling station to access and store your hair tools. Cup holder-like cutouts made from heat-safe materials can be outfitted into your bathroom drawers. This way, you can stow your styling tools away soon after use, without the hazard of burns. Drawers will keep the bathroom looking tidy by hiding away unsightly cords when the devices aren’t in use. Additionally, convenient power fixtures can be installed into the back of the drawer to keep tools plugged in a ready to go when getting ready on especially hectic mornings.

Medicine Cabinet

Optimizing every part of a bathroom is crucial when working with limited space. If your house structure allows it, see if you can add a recessed medicine cabinet. A well-crafted cabinet can act as a beautiful wood mirror frame while giving you some additional storage space for toiletries or medication.

Pull-Out Cabinets

Pull-out cabinets in kitchens provide easy access to hard to reach items. When stowed away, homeowners have optimized storage space since it takes advantage of the full cabinet space. In a Germantown bathroom, use pull-out cabinets to store toiletries, towels, cosmetics, soaps, styling tools, bathroom tissues, and cleaning supplies. Pull-out cabinet and shelves let you see every item and find what you need quickly, saving you precious bathroom time.

Hidden Toe Kick Drawer

If you prefer not to have a floating sink vanity, you can utilize the often overlooked toe-kick space. A hidden toe kick drawer provides even more sleek storage space to keep your bathroom supplies.


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