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Essential Kitchen Design and Layout Tips

by Posted on February 21, 2020

Derwood, MD: Essential Kitchen Design and Layout Tips

Kitchen design and layout considerations go hand in hand when remodeling Derwood, MD kitchens. Here’s what to keep in mind.

It’s incredibly exciting to start planning for your new kitchen design and layout in Derwood, MD, when you’re beginning your kitchen remodel! You know the color scheme, accent materials, lighting, and custom cabinetry you’ve been inspired to install. Signature Kitchens, Additions & Baths looks forward to making your dream kitchen design and layout a reality. However, there are essential placement details that need to be thought through carefully. A beautifully designed luxury kitchen can present more headaches than it’s worth if you don’t account for the functionality of where your kitchen elements go. Here are some kitchen design and layout tips for Derwood homeowners preparing for a kitchen renovation!

Doors and Entry

Thanks to the ever-popular open-kitchen concept, most Derwood homes don’t have their kitchens sequestered away in a designated room. Still, your kitchen design and layout considerations should start with how you will enter and exit the area. Entryways, with or without doors, should be a minimum of 32 inches wide. Door placements, for entryways and pantries, should ideally swing outward, and should not obstruct kitchen appliances. 

The Work Triangle

The layout of your Derwood kitchen will inevitably vary depending on your space constraints and scale of your project. An essential aspect of designing the layout of your kitchen will be to optimize the work triangle you’ll create. A work triangle refers to the imaginary path between the stove, refrigerator, and sink — often, the three most important points all cooks constantly move to and from in the kitchen. The pathways from each endpoint are ideally unimpeded, straight paths that vary from 4 to 9 feet apart from each point.


Again, space constraints will likely pre-determine this aspect of a Derwood kitchen’s remodel. You can alter the available space of your walkways by adding and removing kitchen islands or by increasing and decreasing the depth of your wall cabinets. A general rule is to allocate at least 42 inches for single-cook kitchens, and at least 48 inches for multi-cook kitchens.

Countertop Space

Having sufficient countertop space is vital for prep work, and even more so if you wish to accommodate counter seating. Around your appliances and kitchen workstations, you’ll want to leave ample counter space to place kitchen items when in use. You can increase your available space in some circumstances if you add or upgrade a kitchen island. Additionally, countertops are usually pre-determined by the manufacturing company that cuts the material to specifications, such as being around 24 inches deep. What’s more, if some of your appliances, like microwaves and coffeemakers, are going to be out on the counters, that’s a significant consideration to factor in when determining if your Derwood kitchen has enough leftover space not to impede your cooking and entertaining.

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