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Tips for Designing a Vibrant New Kitchen

by Posted on March 28, 2019

Are you ready to add a splash of color to your Kensington kitchen? Call Signature Kitchens, Additions, and Baths!

Are you ready to add a splash of color to your Kensington kitchen? Call Signature Kitchens, Additions & Baths!

Five years ago, the most sought-after kitchen design featured white, beige, and grey. As kitchens grew larger and incorporated more space, homeowners often chose neutral tones to create a modern, minimalist aesthetic. The kitchen continues to serve as the heart of the home, and today’s families are expressing their style in bolder, more vibrant colors and textures. Discover how you can design a classic, colorful kitchen in Kensington, Maryland.

Get Inspired

Designing a neutral kitchen is always a safe choice, but there are plenty of ways to incorporate your personality into your home without the risk of appearing “dated” later on. Before you meet with the design team, take the time to determine what you truly want. Flip through magazines, watch a few episodes of HGTV, or attend an open house! Gathering inspiration is the first step to building your dream kitchen.  

Talk to Your Designer/Architect

The design team or architect can incorporate your wishlist into a cohesive, timeless design. There may be aspects of your dream kitchen that won’t age well, but that doesn’t mean you have to throw the idea away entirely. Perhaps you’ve always wanted an orange backsplash, but you’re worried that you won’t love the color down the road. Consider a white patterned tile with pops of coral or apricot!

Consider Your Style

Keep in mind that your kitchen doesn’t have to adhere to the standard rules of style. Whether you consider yourself to be traditional or contemporary, there are plenty of ways to incorporate vibrant colors into your Kensington kitchen. Remember that your home is a reflection of your style and that you shouldn’t have to sacrifice a part of your personality to meet one person’s idea of timeless. Are you looking for a complete kitchen remodel? Or are you updating the cabinetry and center island? However you choose to improve your kitchen, ensure that the final product will please you and your family for years to come.

Call Signature Kitchens Additions & Baths

If you’re ready to remodel your Kensington home, call Signature Kitchens Additions & Baths. As a premier kitchen remodeling contractor, we are proud to serve Washington, D.C., Rockville, Arlington, Alexandria and beyond. Nothing rejuvenates a house like a stunning kitchen design. Visit our website to view a long list of positive client reviews, and scroll through pictures of our favorite projects! Schedule a consultation on our website, or give us a call at 301-251-1880.

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