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Functional Kitchen Design Tips for Small Kitchens

by Posted on July 3, 2020

Functional Kitchen Design Tips for Small Washington DC Kitchens

Short of getting a home addition to increase the floor space, you need to use smart and functional kitchen design strategies to make the most of a small Washington DC kitchen.

A place with a long and rich history, Washington DC is known for having a lot of smaller residential properties. While homeowners love the charm of their Washington DC kitchens and homes, it can get quite frustrating to feel like your kitchen is getting in your way due to the limited space! Short of getting a home addition to increase the floor space, you need to use smart and functional kitchen design strategies to make the most of a small Washington DC kitchen. You want these kitchen design tips to make the kitchen actually feel like it can do more, not just give the illusion of more space

Prioritize Functional Design

The kitchen design tip to keep in mind as you work with a professional designer to remodel your Washington DC kitchen is to prioritize functional design. Kitchens today have become the gathering place of the household to do all sorts of home activities. In a small kitchen, homeowners may not have that luxury. Where it does count most is optimizing the space for cooking and meal prep. This isn’t to say style and aesthetics are thrown out of the equation, but the primary concern should surround how to make small kitchen life more comfortable.

Understand Space Trade-Off

Another critical point to understand with functional kitchen design for small Washington DC kitchens is the necessary space trade-off. Most of the kitchen space is devoted to being work spaces or storage spaces. Figure out which of the two is more important in your kitchen design, since you may need to sacrifice one to achieve the other. There are a few ways to create a balance of both, like replacing traditional bulky upper cabinets with open shelves.

Use Custom Cabinetry

Custom cabinetry could be a solution to some of the trickier storage problems you have with a Washington DC kitchen. Personalizing the cabinetry configurations for a small kitchen helps address the most challenging storage and organizational issues that often come up when remodeling a modest space. In fact, custom cabinetry makes for great makeshift pantries or cabinets with a few inches more depth than standard options.

Maximize Every Inch

Washington DC homeowners can accidentally overlook the corner spaces of their small kitchens. Use corner cabinetry and perhaps even a corner sink. Consider underutilized spaces vertically too. Do you need over the fridge cabinets or shelving? Can you extend your upper cabinets to the ceiling, or find useful storage potential in the gap? Conversely, if you think about what’s below, could you create a subtle yet highly useful kick-toe drawer?

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