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Getting to Know Your Custom Cabinets for Your Gaithersburg MD Kitchen

by Posted on December 18, 2020

Getting to Know Your Custom Cabinets for Your Gaithersburg MD Kitchen

How do the cabinets that come in your Gaithersburg MD kitchen compare to custom cabinets or other higher-grade cabinets?

Cabinets are a significant aspect of your Gaithersburg MD kitchen. They bring so much style and, more importantly, functionality to your overall kitchen design. It’s certainly no wonder that homeowners love to invest in gorgeous custom cabinets when remodeling their Gaithersburg MD kitchens. Before you touch your existing cabinets, though, you may wonder if custom cabinets are worth the often bigger price tag that comes with them. How do the cabinets that come in your Gaithersburg MD kitchen compare to custom cabinets or other higher-grade cabinets? Keep reading to find out, and call Signature Kitchens Additions & Baths to ask more questions on custom kitchen cabinets!

The Different Cabinet Grades

Builder’s Grade

For many new construction homes, the Gaithersburg MD kitchen will come with builder’s grade kitchen cabinets. These are generally decent quality but relatively plain-looking since these cabinets are mass-produced. Further, you can expect the builder’s grade cabinets to be made from standard plywood or fiberboard and finished with a plastic or wood veneer. Contracting companies use builder’s grade cabinets to finish a kitchen at lower costs, but homeowners should not expect this cabinet grade to last several years without cracking or warping.

Semi-Custom Grade

Some Gaithersburg MD kitchens will have semi-custom grade cabinets, which are thought to be an above-average upgrade from builder’s grade. These cabinets can be made with either fiberboard or real wood. Semi-custom cabinets can still be quite similar to builder’s grade quality cabinets but with the added options to mix-and-match stock cabinets with customizations. These customizations allow homeowners to select cabinets that better suit their aesthetic preferences and better fit into their kitchens’ layouts.

Custom Grade

Fully custom cabinets give homeowners complete say over their cabinetry for their Gaithersburg MD kitchen. Along with selecting the wood type, you also have the freedom to choose the size, dimensions, finish, hardware, and interior features. This is super useful for folks who want to maximize their kitchen space with space-saving organizers or need cabinets to suit a unique kitchen configuration. Custom grade cabinets are the perfect complement to a luxury kitchen remodel.

Are Custom Cabinets Worth It?

Due to their premium quality in appearances and performance, custom cabinets cost a pretty penny more than most other cabinetry. However, they absolutely make an excellent investment for any Gaithersburg MD kitchen. Beautifully made custom kitchen cabinets last longer and can increase your kitchen’s efficiency. Your cabinets can make up a sizeable portion of your kitchen remodeling budget, so be sure to work closely with a designer to plan your new custom cabinet installation!

Call Signature Kitchens Additions & Baths

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