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How to Choose Bathroom Custom Cabinets for Your Home Remodel

by Posted on March 5, 2020

How to Choose Bathroom Custom Cabinets in Washington, D.C.

Are you looking for bathroom custom cabinets for your next Washington, D.C. bathroom remodeling project? These considerations can help you choose the right set of cabinetry.

Whether you’re remodeling a luxurious master bathroom or a smaller hallway bathroom in Washington, D.C., you may at one point find yourself needing to choose bathroom custom cabinets to complete your project. With so many gorgeous selections available today, how can you select the perfect cabinets for your Washington, D.C. home? The following are some considerations D.C. homeowners should assess when designing bathroom custom cabinets that will serve them well and last a lifetime.


Bathroom custom cabinets are expected to withstand the often more humid and moisture-filled environment in typical bathrooms. Not only are the constructions susceptible to splashes, steamy showers or baths leave your cabinetry exposed to moisture regularly. Although this occurs in most bathrooms, not just those in Washington, D.C. homes, wood remains a popular choice among homeowners looking for new bathroom cabinets. When properly treated and maintained, usually with proper cleaning, hardwoods and softwoods alike make excellent cabinets appropriate in an elegant bathroom. However, for homeowners who are more concerned about long-term exposure to high-humidity, laminate cabinets are a suitable alternative. Laminate cabinets lend themselves to versatile styles since they come in various finishes and colors.


There are endless styles of bathroom custom cabinets, so homeowners should feel free to pick whatever speaks to their taste. In general, simple looks are favored in the bathroom to keep the space looking clean and elegant. Flat style cabinets with minimal hardware lean more modern and contemporary. Meanwhile, shaker style cabinets hint at a more traditional to transitional look.


Today’s bathroom custom cabinets come in unique specifications to accommodate the user’s lifestyle. Washington, D.C. homeowners may opt for upgrades like custom-cut sink drawers or pull-out cabinets in their personal bathrooms, while hallway baths and powder rooms use more straightforward configurations.


The size and scope of your project will largely influence your budget when purchasing bathroom cabinets for your Washington, D.C. home. Balancing design and budget are critical to a successful remodeling project, but you don’t necessarily have to forgo one aspect to achieve the other. Generally, the size of your bathroom will determine the number or size of cabinets you can install. Even if you prefer more storage within the bathroom itself, overwhelming the space with too many or too large units creates an imbalance in the overall bathroom design. Another consideration is the way you will open your cabinet doors. Large swinging doors on an otherwise compact cabinet placement can cause problems with accessibility, so plan this out thoroughly.

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