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How To: Maintain Your Custom Kitchen Cabinets

by Posted on October 31, 2019

How To: Maintain Your Clarksville Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Clarksville homeowners: here’s a quick guide on how to clean and maintain your custom kitchen cabinets.

After installing new and beautiful custom kitchen cabinets in your Clarksville, MD home, you’ll want to protect your investment for years to come. Clarksville homeowners increase their home value and add pleasing yet functional design to their kitchens when they install custom cabinets. Cleaning and caring for all kinds of kitchen cabinets is a great way to boost the longevity of already superior and durable custom cabinet constructions. Regardless of the type of custom kitchen cabinets, or even bathroom cabinets, you have in your Clarksville home, here are ways to keep those cabinets looking like new for longer!  


During the next routine cleaning of your Clarksville kitchen, don’t forget to give your custom kitchen cabinets some attention too. Regularly wiping down the cabinets with a soft cotton cloth is great for preventing dust and grease buildup. Dampen the cloth with warm water, or a water and mild dish soap mix. Wipe up excess water after clean up to avoid having the cabinets absorb extra moisture, which could warp and damage the cabinet material.

Tougher stains and grime can be gently scrubbed and lifted. Use a mix of vinegar and water, and follow the steps you would in routine cleaning. Additionally, you can make a paste with baking soda and water to delicately scrub out stains.

Avoid using harsh chemical cleaners like bleach, polish remover, or petroleum-based cleaners when cleaning. These can damage the cabinet finish, or the cabinetry material itself.


After a while, you may consider making minor adjustments to the positioning or tension of the cabinet hinges. Frequent usage can loosen up and misalign kitchen cabinet doors. To keep your Clarksville kitchen cabinets handling like new, you can adjust the hinge screws to your liking. Refer to the following video to see how easy it can be.


Minor fine-tuning and readjusting to cabinet door hinges or pull-out tracts are simple ways to upkeep your custom kitchen cabinets.


The Clarksville kitchen is where life bustles in a home. Over time, you may notice tiny surface nicks and scratches. While these don’t impact the practical use of the cabinets, it can add up to a worn-out kitchen appearance. Touch up kits or do-it-yourself ideas on the web can give you ways to disguise minor scratches or marks. Afterward, consider retouching the polish, paint, or stain on your cabinet doors.


Preventive measures are vital to preserving and protecting the appearance of your Clarksville kitchen cabinets. Hang curtains or blinds to prevent direct sunlight exposure on your natural wood cabinets. Long-term exposure to natural light causes discoloration to wood, and even some paint or laminated surfaces. Further, be wary of water damage. Wipe up spilled liquids as soon as they occur. Avoid hanging damp towels over the cabinet doors. Prolonged contact with liquid can permanently damage the cabinet finish.

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