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How You Can Bring a Sense of Luxury to Your New Bathroom

by Posted on August 16, 2019


Want to make your Silver Spring bathroom feel more luxurious than ever? Try out these features.

When most people think of turning their bathroom into a luxurious spa experience, they picture huge remodel projects (and a similarly huge price tag). There are actually many ways to bring a sense of luxury to your Silver Spring bathroom, no matter the size of the bathroom or your budget.

Add To The Tub And Shower

While the toilet is likely the most used part of your bathroom, there aren’t many ways to make it feel luxurious (except maybe a seat warmer). The tub and shower, however, have lots of room for improvements. If you’re more inclined to shower than soak in the tub, consider investing in a luxurious showerhead. You could add an additional waterfall or rain showerhead to your current set up, or simply swap out the existing showerhead for a combination type that allows multiple options. This alone can turn your Silver Spring bathroom from mundane to luxurious, every time you shower. If you prefer to soak, invest in items that make that more comfortable and luxurious, like a bath pillow or a tub tray that can hold your book and glass of wine.

Improve Your Textiles

If you can update only one small part of your Silver Spring bathroom, focus on the parts you can make softer: the rug, the towels and wash clothes, even the curtains (if you have them). Making these softer will increase the luxury feeling of the whole space. You’ll never find a spa with old, ragged, and scratchy towels, so don’t settle for them in your bathroom spa.

Increase Lighting Options

You’re unlikely to see a spa anywhere that is lighted primarily by fluorescent lights, and this is because the harsh light they produce isn’t comforting and luxurious. If you are doing a full remodel, you can consider installing all new lighting options, from simple wall sconces to complex integrated gas fireplaces. Most people are looking for easier updates for their Silver Spring bathroom retreats, however. Consider installing a dimmer switch so that you can decrease the lighting as you want. If you can’t do that, you could add more lamps or even candles. You could also consider newer LED bulb options that let you adjust light level and even lightbulb color from an app on your phone, without changing the electrical at all.

Add Ambiance

Make additions to your Silver Spring bathroom that adds to the ambiance and engages the senses. This could be air fresheners or candles that make the room smell good. It could also be comfortable furniture to sit on, if you have the space. If there is a way to add speakers (even a waterproof Bluetooth speaker would work), you can add relaxing music to your new luxurious, spa-like bathroom.  Finally, don’t forget to add beauty to the walls with art.

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