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Is A White Kitchen Remodel Still A Good Choice?

by Posted on May 30, 2020

Is A White Kitchen Remodel Still A Good Choice in Washington DC?

For Washington DC homeowners, a white kitchen remodel from Signature Kitchens, Additions, and Baths can elevate a home’s overall appeal.

When we think about timeless kitchen designs, a trend that has endured over the years is a white kitchen remodel. In Washington DC, a place that celebrates the old and new in many regards, a white kitchen remodel remains an excellent option. A white kitchen remodel can be personalized to suit a range of styles, hinting at minimal modernity or a fresh take on traditional kitchens. The idea of a white kitchen has transformed over the years of its popularity as well. For Washington DC homeowners, a white kitchen remodel from Signature Kitchens, Additions, and Baths can elevate a home’s overall appeal.

The Color Is Timeless

A white color-scheme looks beautiful in any Washington DC home, which is why the color persists in home, kitchen, and bath design today. White is a classic, neutral color that comes in a multitude of shade or undertone variations. From a striking, stark white to a warmer hue of off-white, any manifestation of this color works wonderfully in a white kitchen remodel. Lately, white kitchens have come under design criticism for being boring and unoriginal. A kitchen comes together in the details, so when done correctly, the results look fabulous and won’t go out of style.

The Effect is Desirable 

Like the open and airy look of a white kitchen remodel? You’re not alone! Color psychology makes people perceive white as fresh, clean, and pure. The color is light, which helps make any room feel larger. For many, white is a calming shade to look at. Plus, it’s excellent for enhancing a kitchen with plenty of natural light or boosting the look of radiance from light fixtures. Overall, whether conscious or subconscious, Washington DC homeowners love the effect a white color-scheme creates in their kitchens.

Multiple Ways to Create a White Kitchen Remodel

There are many ways to achieve a white kitchen remodel since manufacturers create tons of white materials, fixtures, appliances, and more to renovate a kitchen. Painted cabinets and walls come in many shades, so it’s easy to pick white for these projects too. White kitchens don’t need to be confined to a contemporary kitchen style. Old World styles are just as easy to recreate with a white color palette. 

Further, the meaning of a white kitchen design doesn’t mean a kitchen devoid of other colors or finishes. In fact, a mix of colored cabinetry, metallic accents, or refined countertops can all complement new interpretations of white kitchens.

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