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Keeping Custom Kitchen Cabinets Organized

by Posted on April 10, 2020

Keeping Custom Kitchen Cabinets Organized in Kensington MD

Custom kitchen cabinets make the lives of Kensington MD homeowners much easier and tidier! Here are some tips for keeping cabinets organized.

Arguably the best aspect of custom kitchen cabinets isn’t about the refined look, but it’s about the superb ways it adds function to cater to specific needs. Having attractive and plenty of cabinetry space in Kensington MD is a must, but having custom kitchen cabinets can take your kitchen organization to the next level. If you’re considering installing new custom kitchen cabinets in Kensington, then here are some ways to keep your cabinet shelves tidy and easier to use!

Maximize with Pull-Out Cabinets

Pull-out shelves in cabinets maximize your full use of your Kensington kitchen’s storage space. Instead of rummaging and fumbling with your kitchen items in the back of a cabinet, your custom kitchen cabinets can slide out for easier access and organization. Pull-out shelves and other deep or vertical drawers optimize your available undercabinet space, and likely lets you find a spot for everything, from pans to pantry goods.

Use Built-In Organizers

Custom kitchen cabinets are as unique as they are on the inside as they are out! Drawers can come with built-in utensil dividers, eliminating the need to purchase organizers. Deeper drawers can have dowel rods inserted and adjusted to hold stackable dishware in place, so they don’t always need to take up upper cabinet shelving. Built-in vertical organizers make for a great dish rack, or longer ones can hold cutting boards and baking sheets. When removing these items, you don’t need to clamber large or oddly-shaped platters out of storage awkwardly. If your Kengsinton kitchen cabinets don’t already have these useful additions, you can purchase separate organizers such as lazy Susans and shelf risers.

Try Open Shelving

Open shelves can be a great supplement to your Kensington custom kitchen cabinets. Open shelves and above cabinet spaces are great places to store and display your nicer looking kitchenware and dishware. As a means to decorate and organize your kitchen storage, this also helps create some visual interest to balance out your cabinetry set. While your presentable kitchen items are on display, this frees up space in the enclosed cabinets to hide the less attractive but still essential items. 

Organize by Arrangement and Activity

Not all dishes and pantry items need to be stored separately. It makes sense to organize areas of your Kensington kitchen by how frequently you use some things together. In a beverage center made from a converted upper cabinet, it makes perfect sense to hold coffee, teabags, and mugs in the same unit, and more in the pantry and other cupboards. Further, think about what you will be doing and when you reach for particular items. Storing dinnerware on the peripherals of the kitchen makes it easy for others to help set the table or dish up food outside of the kitchen’s work triangle. Similarly, we reach for spices and other ingredients while cooking, so it may be best to keep those things in cabinets between the stove and refrigerator.

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