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Turbo Chef Oven Dealer Loves to eat his own Cooking

My Name is Gary Case, Owner of SignatureKitchens, Additions &Baths, and I am a TurboChef Addict. We have several unique appliances in our showroom, but the TurboChef always attracts the most attention – from both clients and our own designers! This past Thanksgiving one of our kitchen designers Hamid Fadakar cooked his turkey at 3:00pm I came in right after Hamid at 3:45. It’s a funny thing to see a cooked turkey in a trunk! The year before my wife, Lynn, and I would each cook a turkey, she at home and I in the TurboChef oven in Signature KAB’s showroom. To have it be ready for a 5:00 dinner, Lynn had to start the turkey at 1:00. I was confident enough in the TurboChef that I decided to watch football for a couple hours before I headed over to the showroom, only a few minutes from our home. A few family members and friends also wanted to see what the TurboChef could do. We made our way to the showroom at 3:30, popped the turkey in the oven at 3:50, poured a few glasses of wine at 4:00, and had the turkey out and done by 4:40! We made our way back home with the golden brown turkey and started Thanksgiving dinner. Let me tell you, that turkey was delicious. I won’t say that it was more delicious than my wife’s turkey, but it certainly was faster!

TurboChef ovens use a patented airspeed technology to cook up to 15 times faster than a conventional oven with exceptional quality. Meats are caramelized, moist, and tender; baked goods are golden and flaky; vegetables come out fresh, crisp, and succulent, and everything’s delicious.

TurboChef ovens come with a built-in computer that does all the hard work for you. TurboChef replaced the traditional temperature dial with a “CookWheel” and “Cook Navigator.” Using this wheel you can select the category of food you wish to cook and it shows you the best ways it can cook it for you. With the turkey, for example, you would choose “Poultry” for the category, “Turkey” for the subcategory, input its weight and whether it’s stuffed or not, and the Cook Navigator will tell you the optimal cook time and temperature for your food. It tells you when your food will be done, you press start, and you can walk away without worrying if it will be cooked well or not. That’s all you have to do with your TurboChef oven.

How hot does the TurboChef Oven get?

When cooking, the oven will reach a maximum temperature of 500 degrees Fahrenheit. However, during the self-cleaning cycle the oven can reach up to 900 degrees Fahrenheit.

With the TurboChef Double Wall Oven, Can Both Ovens be Used at the Same Time?

Yes. With this TurboChef oven you can use the top and bottom ovens at the same time to get the most out of your TurboChef. The bottom oven is a conventional oven, but you can still double your cooking capacity by using it.

Can I use my own Recipes?

Yes. You can cook anything in a TurboChef that you could in a regular oven and you don’t have to use the built-in recipe system.

Can I use my Standard Pots and Pans?

Yes! You don’t have to worry about your cooking materials being “compatible” with the TurboChef oven – you can use it with any standard cookware.

How Much Does a TurboChef SpeedCook Oven Cost?

The TurboChef’s price is comparable to other high-end cooking appliances by companies like AGA, Gaggenau, Wolf and Viking.

What are Some Example Cooking Times?
  • Roasted Turkey (12 lb.) = 42 minutes
  • Skewered Scallops (10 skewers) = 40 minutes
  • Steamed Asparagus (20 stalks) = 45 seconds
  • Chocolate Soufflé (8 at six-ounces) = 5 minutes

What Colors Do TurboChef Ovens Come in?

TurboChef ovens come in seven finishes:


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