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Kitchen Cabinet Mistakes to Avoid in Bethesda, MD

by Posted on February 29, 2020

Kitchen Cabinet Mistakes to Avoid in Bethesda, MD

Bethesda homeowners: Don’t make these common kitchen cabinet mistakes!

Are you designing your perfect kitchen in Bethesda, MD? Before you get carried away with all the styles and designs available for your custom cabinets, you need to make some effort to avoid making these critical kitchen cabinet mistakes. The right cabinets will enhance your Bethesda kitchen, not create roadblocks to aesthetics and functionality. Be aware of these four kitchen cabinet mistakes when planning your kitchen remodel in Bethesda, MD.

Forgetting Drawers

Pull-out cabinets offer tons of utility and advantages throughout a kitchen. However, don’t forget you can install regular drawers throughout your Bethesda kitchen as well. An often overlooked aspect of the kitchen cabinet set, drawers are just as useful as lower pull-out cabinets, except drawers don’t require the user to bend over to use the roll-out function. Plus, there’s an extra door that you need to open before getting to the drawer insert. Regular drawer units remove that little bit of trouble, which is a big deal when homeowners use their cabinets daily.

Not Hiding Appliances

Not all kitchen appliances in your Bethesda home will require this treatment, but it’s certainly worth considering. Larger appliances, like refrigerators and dishwashers, are better off disguised with panels to mimic the surrounding cabinetry. When you choose a kitchen cabinet, you want that to be a focal point in your kitchen design. Create better visual continuity of your cabinetry and eliminate distractions by hiding your appliances with seamless looking panels.

Not Carefully Considering Inset vs. Overlay

Every last detail of your kitchen cabinet choices should be considered when making your final selections. Beyond styles, colors, and finishes, the way you install the cabinet doors will impact the overall effect of your kitchen design. For example, most Bethesda homes and traditionally styled kitchens use overlay cabinet doors. You can elevate the appearance of your kitchen by opting for inset cabinet doors instead. The flushed look of doors with the cabinetry frame lend a more high-end, uniquely-tailored feel to your kitchen.

Designing Solely by Trends

Trends are a good source of inspiration for what’s popular and will look good in our Bethesda homes. However, don’t let trends dictate the entire design. To pick kitchen cabinets that will look timeless in their setting, choose your cabinets based on details that are relevant to other structures throughout your home or kitchen. Falling into the trap of choosing what’s trendy can make your kitchen design feel tacky by next year.

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