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Kitchen Remodel in Bethesda, MD

Bethesda Homeowners Trust Signature Kitchens, Additions, & Baths for Beautiful Kitchen Remodels

Remodel your kitchen to refresh your home! Kitchens are the busiest rooms in the house and an integral part of daily life. Though they’re designed for cooking meals or eating with family, kitchens are also ideal for studying or hosting parties. The kitchen is the focal point of the house and establishes your first impression to guests. A beautiful kitchen will revive your home, impacting its overall value and aesthetic appeal.


Signature Kitchens, Additions, & Baths builds beautiful kitchens in Bethesda, MD. Our team values quality results and transparent communication with our customers. We work with you to customize the kitchen remodel to suit your distinct taste and budget. From Bradmoor to Westgate, we’re a trusted kitchen remodeling expert in the Bethesda, MD community.

Our Expert Kitchen Remodelers

Teamwork brings your dream kitchen to life! We owe all success to the dedication and hard work of the Signature Kitchens, Additions, and Baths team. We value the kitchen remodel and kitchen design equally. Collaboration is key, and our craftsmen and designers work together during all stages of the kitchen remodel. Each team member brings unique skills and perspectives to the table, strengthening the kitchen remodel and ensuring the best possible finished product.

The Kitchen Remodeling Process

We will complete your kitchen remodel in eight steps! Attention to detail is key, and we plan out each stage of the remodel for quality assurance. Our team will work with you every step of the way, maintaining clear communication throughout.


Your kitchen is in capable and safe hands! The Signature Kitchens, Additions, & Baths team keeps customers in the loop from start to finish of the project. Our 8 step kitchen remodeling process ensures quality and keeps the project on a tight schedule.

  1. Acquire Building Permits: We confirm that all structural, electrical, mechanical, and plumbing plans follow the set remodeling requirements for the Bethesda, MD area. The kitchen design is documented on the construction paperwork and submitted for permit approval.
  2. Guarantee Safety: Remodeling is a hazardous process. To keep your family safe from harm, we take steps to create a safe environment and limit the dangers in our workspace. Dust barriers are installed at all kitchen entries. However, we advise clients to be cautious if entering the workspace and keep children out of the kitchen.
  3. Demolition: To create a blank canvas, we disconnect all power and plumbing sources in the kitchen. All appliances and cabinetry must be removed. Next, we frame the kitchen for the remodel. Bethesda, MD homes often have out-of-square conditions that require reframing for space and efficiency.
  4. MEP: Our trade contractors set up all mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems in the kitchen. The Signature Kitchens, Additions, & Baths designers and remodelers will make sure that all work is consistent with the customer’s design plan.
  5. Building Inspection: Similar to the first step, this stage confirms that all work completed is up to code. For Bethesda, MD customers we offer third party inspection services.
  6. Close the Kitchen Remodel: All drywall is installed, and flooring is laid down. We install countertops, set up cabinetry, and add appliances. Painting refreshes the room and polishes each addition.
  7. Final Touch Up: During this stage, the kitchen backsplash is added to the wall. An electrician installs all lighting fixtures and devices, while a plumber installs the faucets.
  8. Enjoy your finished kitchen: Now that the remodel is complete, it’s time to enjoy your newly remodeled kitchen! Break in the room with a family party or test out the new cooktops with a new recipe. For questions, please contact our team.

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Ready to start your kitchen remodel? Please contact the Signature Kitchens, Additions, and Baths team today at 301-251-1880. No project is too big or too small. Our designers and craftsmen will collaborate with you to create your dream kitchen! The Bethesda, MD community trusts Signature Kitchens, Additions, and Baths for all kitchen remodeling projects! Explore our projects portfolios, visit our showroom, or contact us today for more information!


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