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Master Bathroom Design Remodel Burtonsville MD 20866

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Master Bathroom Design Remodel in Burtonsville

Complete renovation of 25 year old Master bathroom and closet. The original bathroom, closet and dressing area was completely gutted. We interviewed number of highly rated renovation firms but chose Signature Kitchens Additions & Baths after inspecting a large renovation project that was done by this firm. Another factor in our decision was the design studio or showroom of this company they have a large collection of tiles, fixtures, cabinets etc. This makes it very easy to work with different materials, shades, and colors and to come up with something you want, We worked with the owner, Gary Case, who personally did the design. The office is well equipped with CAD system and therefore, it was very easy to move things around to visualize the effect of changes in advance. In addition to Gary, the company has number of designers who work there. The process of our bathroom design was very pleasant and went very smoothly .

Member Comments:

The work started on time and proceeded smoothly. Early in the construction, we asked for some changes in the layout and were extremely surprised at the willingness and promptness of Gary to accommodate us and without additional cost! As it was a major project, there were more changes we asked for and every time Gary accommodated us without any hesitation! Over the years we have had number of contractors work at our home however, we found Gary to be most pleasant and easy to work with. Anything that was not done well, he would immediately order the crew to redo it. The crews were very courteous, and, cleaned well each day after the work. Even though some of the delays were caused by the bad weather, design/construction changes, delays in delivery still, we believe the project could have gone faster. However, this should not be a negative as large construction projects tend to take more time than forecasted. Also, the accommodations that Gary made to implement the changes were way above what anyone would expect and that is something very valuable.