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The Best Time For a Kitchen Remodel

by Posted on March 25, 2021

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Try to aim for summer for your remodel to get it done as fast as possible!

Everyone wants to have a nice kitchen. A kitchen is a place where friends and family gather to prepare and then eat some delicious meals together. A new, trendy kitchen remodel is the best way to make sure your kitchen is one of the most inviting areas of your home.  But, sometimes, planning around a kitchen remodel can prolong the decision process, especially with Montgomery County weather to work with. So, when is the best time for a Montgomery County kitchen remodel? Well, you will be surprised to hear it is actually…

Drumroll, please…


Late Spring or Summertime!


Here are some reasons why the late spring and early summer is the best time to plan for a kitchen remodel in Montgomery County. 

Enjoy Eating Outdoors While the Kitchen Remodel Takes Place

When a kitchen is under construction, it is very hard to be able to find a place to eat. Often entire cabinets, islands, and even appliances are removed to either replace them later or make room for other equipment. This definitely means that having a space for a table is minimal to none. Plus, it will not be a pleasant experience to dine either with all the noise and construction debris. So, why not take it outside in the lovely Montgomery County weather? During the fall, winter, and early spring, it may be too cold outside to eat in comfort. So late spring and summer is the optimal time. 

Take a Vacation

Summer is the season of vacations. Kids are out of school, and there are plenty of travel deals to destinations all over the world. Why not use this opportune time to your advantage with a kitchen remodel as well? A kitchen remodel can be completed in about a week and a half with all-day access. Maybe use this time to book that trip to that place you’ve always wanted to go to since childhood, not worrying about having to navigate cooking in a kitchen remodel. 

Contractors are Open for Business!

The peak time of the year for kitchen contractor demand is the early springtime. This is when everyone decides to do a bit of “spring cleaning” after a cold, bitter Montgomery County winter and start with their kitchen remodel. Contractors are hard at work during this time and can often become overwhelmed with many projects. Why not wait only a few months until the late spring and summer to avoid long waits and hastier jobs? 

Call Signature Kitchens Additions & Baths for your Kitchen Remodel

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