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Olney, MD: Why Should I Use Painted Wood Kitchen Cabinets?

by Posted on May 1, 2020

Olney, MD: Why Should I Use Painted Wood Kitchen Cabinets?

Painted wood kitchen cabinets perfectly add color and texture to your Olney kitchen design!

There are plenty of options when it comes to choosing custom kitchen cabinets in Olney, MD. When you work with Signature Kitchens Additions & Baths, the most difficult — and exciting — part of your kitchen remodeling process should be deciding which lovely style to use in your Olney kitchen. One particular style of custom cabinets has stood out above others: painted wood kitchen cabinets. By using certain hardwood species that leaves it’s unique wood grain to show through under a flawless coat of paint, painted wood kitchen cabinets perfectly add color and texture to your Olney kitchen design! What are some of the benefits of using painted wood kitchen cabinets?

Overall Clean Finish

The natural wood aesthetic is widely adored, yet understandably not every homeowner will want to use it in their kitchen remodel. For those who prefer a more clean and crisp look for their Olney kitchen designs, painted wood kitchen cabinets can achieve just that. Painted cabinets, in any color, create an overall impression of a smooth finish with the right application of paint. It’s ideal for designing around a particular color-scheme, from classic white to trendy blue to modern gray.

More Detail and Interest

While a rather subtle detail at first, the textured wood grain peeking through the cabinet construction is what gives Olney kitchens that extra layer of visual interest and character. Your painted wood kitchen cabinets take on more dimension and look softer in most lighting, even if you have chosen a very stark shade of white or black paint. Moreover, the texture brings back some individual charm to your wood cabinets, since the painted finish covers the characteristic knots of some wood species.

Colorful Customization

If you’re looking for a way to add just a pop of color or a way to make a piece of your kitchen stand out, like the island or a pantry cabinet, painted wood kitchen cabinets can do that for you too. The result is a higher degree of customization in your Olney kitchen design. Your vision is only as limited as your imagination and colors of wood paint available.

Can Use Less Expensive Wood

For those that want to show off natural wood in their custom cabinets, they often pay a higher price. The wood species that boast the beautiful knots and grain patterns don’t come cheap. However, with painted cabinets, you’re covering the natural patterns and using only the raised textured of the wood to complement your paint coating. That means homeowners can get away with purchasing cabinets made from less expensive wood, or engineered wood, to recreate a look for less.

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