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Our Favorite Kitchen Design Trends of 2018

by Posted on July 1, 2018

Discover our favorite kitchen design trends of the year!

From modern twists on classic designs to technology integration, today’s kitchens are evolving faster than before. Are you looking to renovate your kitchen in Silver Spring, Bethesda, and beyond? Take a look at several popular kitchen design trends of 2018, and consider incorporating your favorite picks into your new kitchen.

Smart Kitchens

Technology has invaded our homes, and it’s becoming a dominant aspect of the contemporary kitchen. Now, a machine can mix your cocktails and a robot to portion their pancakes perfectly. Fun gadgets aside, kitchens that allow for full technology integration are in demand. Not only do they bring a sense of joy and magic into the kitchen, but they maximize functionality and ease common stresses of cooking. Motion-sense equipped kitchen faucets allow you to wash your hands without contaminating the handle. Smart refrigerators can alert you when your milk is running low, so you don’t need to make a second trip to the grocery store. Digital light systems can allow homeowners to control brightness with an app on their smartphone. The possibilities are endless, and prospective homebuyers are paying more for this technological trend.

New Textures/Designs

During the past five years, designers and contractors have noticed many homeowners opting for minimalist kitchens. Crisp, clean designs are attractive to homeowners and prospective buyers alike, but today’s contractors are seeing a shift in texture and design. Open shelves invite more air into the space, and allow for homeowners to incorporate their dishes and cups into the design of the kitchen. Rough cut wood creates texture in the room, and glossy finishes establish a focal point for the eye. Fun details, like Spanish tiles and vibrant colors, add a sense of character to the kitchen and are especially popular with young families with small children.

Dark Hues

Ten years ago, every homeowner demanded a kitchen covered in white. From the countertops to the cabinetry, a white kitchen represented a home that was clean and crisp. Today’s homeowners are steering away from the white and choosing paint and appliances in darker hues. Grey is especially popular in kitchens at the moment. Not only does pair well with natural elements, but the color also compliments a variety of materials like metal and gold.

Black stainless steel is the new standard in appliances, with many homeowners ditching their metallic stainless steel and upgrading to black. It’s considered a bold choice, one that the neighbors will talk about after a dinner party or summer event. The elegant beauty of black stainless steel creates a modern aesthetic in the kitchen and is especially lovely when paired with granite countertops or other lighter shades.

Detached Islands

Kitchen islands are the standard in modern households, but they’re beginning to evolve with the times. Today’s homeowners are opting for larger, detached islands in their kitchen renovation. With sleek, elegant countertops, detached islands are now the perfect place to entertain, enjoy a meal, or help the kids with their homework. Not only do detached islands add curb appeal to the kitchen, but designers can maximize space by adding appliances to the island. Dishwashers, ice makers, and wine refrigerators are the perfect addition to a new detached island.

Pet-Friendly Space

According to a recent survey, 68% of U.S. households (about 85 million families) own a pet. Fido might not be allowed on the table, but contemporary homeowners are making room for their pet in the kitchen. Pet-friendly kitchen spaces are a great alternative for pet owners that don’t have a mudroom or separate space to feed their pet. From boutique feeding stations to kitchen islands with built-in beds, homeowners are going out of their way to make their pet comfortable in the kitchen.

Functional Flooring

Thanks to advancements in technology and design, it’s now possible to choose appealing flooring that is also functional. Hardwood floors are always a great choice, but they can be a bear to clean at the end of the day. Ceramic tile mimics the look and feel of hardwood, but offers the durability of tile. Homeowners can spill tomato sauce and drop jars without batting an eye. Ceramic tile is the perfect choice for homeowners with young children and pets, who require constant attention and upkeep. Simply wipe messes away with a towel and worry about more important matters… like what’s for dinner!

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