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Client Testimonial – Doris and Sonny | Signature Kitchens Additions & Baths

Kitchen Remodel Testimonial

GarySo how are you guys liking your kitchen?
SonnyOh, we're loving it.
DorisLoving it.
SonnyAbsolutely loving it.
GaryLooks fantastic. Really looks great.
SonnyBig transformation, from, as you remember how it used to look, very '70s. Yellow.
DorisWith wallpaper. Well, no, we took the wallpaper down.
SonnyWhen we moved in it was all wallpaper.
GaryYou get a much more open space now to the fireplace.
GaryIt looks fantastic. Really does. I love the cabinetry.

The prior kitchen. How old was that? Was that an original kitchen?
SonnyYes. From the '79, was the house. The house was built then, so we're assuming that they probably upgraded the appliances once. Probably in the '80s, but other than that, it was still very '70s, from the cabinets to the arched walls, to the...

When we moved in, wallpapering from floor to ceiling.
GaryThat's right, there was actually a wall, basically, right where these lights are.
SonnyYeah. Arch wall here.
GaryAnd then came in and filled in this space over here.

Your house is really quite unique with all the big open windows. This really has changed the way this whole kitchen looks.
GaryTook advantage of what you already had.
SonnyWe didn't have to increase space. Some people wanted the kitchen bigger. Our space was already big, but it just wasn't utilized properly. Or the floor plan wasn't. You know.
GaryHow did you come to find Signature? I don't remember. It's been a little while, but...
SunnyI actually saw you guys on the Internet, and I was comparing a bunch of shops in the area, and we happen to drive off Gude one day and we happened to see your spinner guy on the road one weekend, and we saw your little flags out there. So we decided, hey, it's a nice weekend, let's pull into your shop. So we did. And the first person we met when we walked in was your designer Joe. And we just kind of wanted to see what was in there and he allowed us to kind of look around and get an idea. We weren't even thinking about we're going to do our kitchen, but, we knew at a point we were going to do it. And when we realized you guys were like a one stop shop where we could actually go and everything would be there, that just made it easier than piecing everything together and thinking -- where am I going to get my appliances, and who's going to do this, and is it going to be a separate contractor to the plumbing? -- you pretty much had everyone under one roof. That we were very interested in wanting to work with a group like that.
GaryWhat was the design process like?
DorisSo you were able to pick out the cabinetry, pick out the finishes, pick out the flooring, pick out the granite, pick out the fixtures, pick out the handles, the whole ball of wax.
GarySo you were able to pick out the cabinetry, pick out the finishes, pick out the flooring, pick out the granite, pick out the fixtures, pick out the handles, the whole ball of wax.
DorisExactly. Everything was there.
GaryIt made it easier for you, right?
GaryHow was the behavior of the guys that were here working? The lead carpenter and his helper, how do you feel that they handled things with you all?
SonnyThose guys worked really well. If I had a question then I'd ask Elmer, and then Elmer was pretty much very attentive. If we wanted a new outlet somewhere or we wanted something moved, we was pretty much -- sure, not a problem. And if there's something that I needed, I'd use your communication log, and just kind of write it there, and they would address it the next day.

But we found it very easy to accommodate and work with. They weren't in our way and we weren't in their way.
GaryWere respectful. Did they keep your house clean?
SonnyYes they did. They did. They covered the areas that were part of the house that wasn't being worked on. So a lot of the dust in here. They kind of made it safety for the children. That was a big thing for our twin girls, that they weren't constantly running in the kitchen, bare floors and nails. So... But they really didn't leave a lot of debris on the ground. After the end of the day everything was cleaned up, swept up.
GaryHow about the process with the management of Signature? Was everybody attentive to your questions when you needed an answer or had an inquiry?
SonnyOh yeah. I thought so.
DorisYeah. I mean, anytime we had a question, we just go talk to Joe.
SonnyYeah. We would pop in. Sometimes I wouldn't even call. Just pop in and he was like, yeah, what can we do you for? [laughs]
GaryYou know, a lot of times when people have their kitchen designed, or their bathrooms designed, they might deal with the designer and then they feel sort of like they've been passed off and they never hear or see from the designer again. Joe was here pretty frequently, wasn't he?
SonnyOh yeah, he was here probably more than some of these other guys that I saw working at the house.
GaryThank you. I appreciate your time, Doris and Sonny.
SonnyYou're welcome.
GaryWe really enjoyed doing this kitchen for you. And if there's ever anything that you need, make sure you give us a call and we'll be happy to help you.
DorisWe know where to find you. [laughs]
GaryThat's right.
SonnyJust down the road.

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