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Testimonial – Karen’s Bethesda Bathroom | Signature Kitchens Additions & Baths

Bathroom Remodel Testimonial

GaryMy name is Gary Case, owner of Signature Kitchens, Additions and Baths. I'm here hanging around the bathroom with Karen again.

Karen, How are you?
GaryGood to see you again.

Karen, I'm always curious. We kind of lose touch with this as we get rolling along and do your bathroom. Do you remember back, the bathroom you had originally? What was wrong with that bathroom?
KarenIt was ugly. Had a giant tub that took up half the space, and it was ugly.
GaryHow long ago did you buy your house?
KarenWe bought in about three and a half years ago.
GarySo really it was, you were unhappy with it when you bought it?
KarenYes. We knew it was something we'd have to do.
GaryOK. So you, you have this bathroom that's ugly, you don't like it and you kind of put up with it for three years. Before you came to us, did you have a vision of what you wanted the bathroom to be?
KarenI knew that I wanted to move the washer/dryer up here. Because with the giant tub that we had, I knew there'd be space.
GaryI remember that tub. It was huge.
KarenIt was huge.
GaryIt was like a 1960s, let's have a party tub.
KarenYeah. Exactly. And we didn't party in it. [laughs] You couldn't even fill it up with the hot water heater. I don't know why those people had it.
GaryDidn't even work, did it?
KarenNo, I think it worked. Yeah.
GaryIt was pink?
KarenYeah. It was a beautiful bathroom. I don't know why redid it...

So I just kept tearing pictures out of magazines for a while and I went in and talked to Joe and he showed me some of your cabinet selections and the floor that I wanted you guys had too. So then he came out and measured it...
GaryIt's a pretty floor.
KarenYeah. And I said I only wanted one thing, I want to tall cupboards. I wanted a shower that I could actually stretch and wash in, bigger than our other one. So it turned out great.
GaryIt's awesome. Absolutely awesome. And so it was the design all came together for you. We implemented the design. And then you had two of our crew members in here. You had William and Marvin, did most of this work. What'd you think of William and Marvin?
KarenThey were always here on time, very punctual. If they had any question, they wouldn't do something without checking with me first. So that was nice from that perspective that they just didn't go ahead, and have me walk in and go -- wait a second...
GaryDid they leave the bathroom... Actually, the house. If you think about it, we're working in your bathroom, they had to come through your whole house.
KarenYeah. They put stuff down, and...
GaryThey kept your house nice and neat and clean?
GaryYou felt like things were respected?
GaryOK, good.
KarenYeah. They would just close the bathroom door and be trapped in here all day. [laughs]
GaryYou have two great dogs.
KarenYeah. Well, they would try to keep the dogs out. But...
GarySo you're enjoying your bathroom?
KarenYes. We love it.
GaryYou're happy?
KarenYes. Happy.
GaryThanks Karen.
KarenYou're welcome Gary. Thank you.

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