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Pantry Ideas Perfect for Small Kitchens

by Posted on October 3, 2019

Pantry Ideas Perfect for Small Washington, D.C. Kitchens

Small D.C. kitchens need to take advantage of pantry space.

In a relatively small yet bustling city, Washington, D.C. kitchens and homes are shrinking in size. Homes with less total square footage means the kitchen and bathroom remodels need to accommodate the small space. Washington, D.C. kitchens come in a variety of different designs and layouts, like the Craftsman style or a galley layout, even if they are small. However, the space constraint often creates the same problem across all D.C. homes: there’s often not enough kitchen storage, especially a kitchen pantry.

If your small Washington, D.C. kitchen needs better storage capabilities, consider these pantry ideas in your next kitchen remodeling project with Signature Kitchens Additions & Baths.

Clever Walk-In Pantry

Despite how small you think the space you have to work with might be, it’s possible to create a walk-in pantry to give yourself valuable kitchen storage space. Washington, D.C. kitchens either already have walk-in pantries or need a clever way to add a walk-in pantry. 

The best way to add a walk-in pantry to your small D.C. kitchen is to see if you can build the space behind a kitchen wall. Further disguise and add additional storage by installing a cabinet overhead and long cabinet-looking doors below. It will seamlessly fit into your kitchen design while giving you the space of a walk-in pantry.

Pantry Door Designs

If you already have a walk-in pantry, slight modifications to the shelving or the pantry door can make your kitchen storage feel optimized. Replace your current pantry doors with different styles to suit your Washington, D.C. kitchen. 

Do you value ease of access, appearance, or saving space? There are ideas for each. For ease of access, install a swinging door to move with you in-and-out. If appearances are what you value most, the disguised cabinet door to your pantry is a great way to streamline your kitchen appearance. Otherwise, you can install a uniquely stylish pantry door to add interest to your kitchen. For space-savers, consider removing the door altogether, and to have a more open appearance to your kitchen.

Converted Custom Cabinets

With such a diverse range of custom cabinet designs and styles, it’s easy to convert a cabinet into additional pantry space. Long slim cabinets and open cabinets are great places to store pantry items. Outfit your pantry with pull-out shelves to further maximize your space usage.

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