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Small Bathroom Design Bethesda MD

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Space Remodeled

The Very Very Tiniest Master Bathroom Remodel Ever




$28,000 to $32,000

Challenge & Solution

Bathroom Design in the 1950's

Harry Potter live below the steps. Kristine B showers above the steps...Read More

Features & Selections

Bethesda bathroom design

We have been designing and remodeling bathrooms since 1980...Read More


3" of concrete

"The bathroom design & remodel of my Bethesda MD home could not be better. I love it" Kristine B...Read More

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Bethesda MD Small Bathroom Design Remodel

Harry Potter had to live below the steps at his Muggle Aunt and Uncles house. Kristine B has such a small bathroom that she has to shower above the steps. The house on Augusta Lane in Glen Mar Park in Bethesda MD was built in 1948. Harry Truman was running for a second term against Tom Dewey. We don’t know who the builder was but we know for sure he thought one bathroom was more than sufficient.

Bethesda Small Bathroom Design

Sometime in the 1950’s a bathroom remodeling contractor was hired to design a master bathroom for this Bethesda home. He was a creative fellow. There was only one place it could be and that was in the master bedroom closet above the entry foyer. The foyer is very small and the steps start just three feet from the front door. The stair case ceiling begins pushing through the second floor just 3′ from the front of the bathroom. Therefore the only place to put the shower was on top of the stair case two riser heights above the bathroom floor. The antithesis of a zero threshold shower is a 17″ threshold shower! But it worked…sort of. The small bathroom design in the Bethesda MD home had a good life nearly 60 years. Now it was dated and leaking. Time to remodel!

Joe Geletich senior Bathroom Designer at Signature Kitchens Additions & Bath

When Kristine B came to Joe Geletich to redesign her fifty year old Bethesda MD bathroom he had to shake his head. The space could simply not have been any smaller and could not be made any bigger. What a small bathroom design challenge. But Joe did it and Kristine loves it and that is all that counts.

Small Bathroom Remodeling Bethesda MD

At Signature Kitchens Additions and Bathrooms we have been designing and remodeling bathrooms for years. We have a vast experience in all aspects of remodeling, and specialize in kitchen and bathroom design. Signature Kitchen Additions and Bathrooms has earned the reputation for outstanding interior design, full service construction, and uncompromising customer service. Make an appointment with a designer today.

If you are considering a bathroom design, here are some things that you may want to look for in your new space. Today’s bathrooms are all about luxury and convenience. Trends come and go, so make sure that you incorporate elements in your design that is efficient, space saving, and timeless. Perhaps you are looking for the perfect soaking tub, or a whole new color scheme, fixtures that will stand the test of time. Some of the most important elements in your bathroom design should include smarter storage, the best ventilation, and energy efficiency. Don’t tackle that Bethesda bathroom design alone call a designer at Signature there is no obligation to sit down and talk.

3″ of concrete

“The bathroom design & remodeling of my Bethesda MD home could not be better. I love it” Kristine B.
We know this Bethesda bathroom was built in the 50’s because of its mud set. The mud set is the substrate the tile was set upon. The mud set was 3″ thick. It took two men with a jack hammer three days to take the concrete floor and walls out of this tiny bathroom. The new modern substrate hardi backer added a 1/2″ inche on each side of the room and allowed us to lower the shower floor almost 3″ to a 14″ threshold.