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The Latest Custom Cabinetry Trends for Alexandria VA Kitchens

by Posted on May 15, 2020

The Latest Custom Cabinetry Trends for Alexandria VA Kitchens

When homeowners select trendy custom cabinetry for their Alexandria VA kitchens, they are still delighted with their choices several years later.

There are two truths when it comes to incorporating custom cabinetry trends into Alexandria VA kitchens. Firstly, while you shouldn’t design solely by following trends, they are a great indication of what’s popular and well-liked by other happy homeowners. More likely than not, you’ll find a custom cabinetry style you love or draw inspiration for your Alexandria VA kitchen. Second, just because a style is regarded as a trend doesn’t mean it can’t be timeless. When people select trendy custom cabinetry for their Alexandria VA kitchens, they are still delighted with their choices several years later. With these two truths in mind, here are some custom cabinetry trends that you will hopefully use to upgrade your kitchen this year!

Oak Wood

Wood cabinets have always had a place in traditional kitchen designs, but oak custom cabinetry has made a great revival in Alexandria VA kitchens. Plus, oak cabinets aren’t relegated to just traditional or old-school styles anymore. The modern rendition of oak cabinetry comes in neutral colors and focuses on highlighting its naturally soft texture. Using different variations in color, style, and finish makes oak custom cabinetry extremely versatile.

Open and Airy Concepts

Minimalist influences have swept through various design scenes, the kitchen design scene included. After that, Alexandria VA kitchens aren’t ready to let go of the open and airy feel those influences brought to their home. Open shelving and glass-front custom cabinetry remain very popular, and homeowners try to incorporate at least a little of this trend into their cabinetry system. This is especially true in white and other light-colored kitchen color schemes.

Accented Hardware

Contrasting, unique, and vintage cabinetry hardware makes any set of cabinets look custom-made. Hardware comes in many styles and materials. In fact, some homeowners look for ways to mix-and-match hardware in their Alexandria VA kitchens to add even more visual interest! Using some unexpected hardware draws the eyes to notice your lovely cabinet doors.


Speaking of mix-and-match, it’s also trendy to splash out on two-toned cabinetry in one kitchen. The color pairing could be subtle or striking, but the combinations are endless. Try mixing it up with light-colored upper cabinets with darker undercabinets. Or, make your cabinets on your kitchen island stand out in a colorful shade against the neutral perimeter cabinets.

Furniture-Like Look

For custom cabinetry that looks luxurious and elegant in any kitchen design, opt for a furniture-like look to their construction. Cabinets that replicate the look of armoires, dressers, and sideboards add a statement look to a kitchen. Many times, these pieces will have specialized doors and drawers to create unique storage situations. This further enhances a kitchen’s functionality and beauty.

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