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Busting Three Common Bathroom Designer Myths

by Posted on April 16, 2021

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A bathroom designer can use their knowledge to make your bathroom truly breathtaking.

Contracting with a bathroom designer for your Darnestown, MD home might seem intimidating. There are a lot of myths that make this a difficult decision for any Darnestown, MD homeowner. You are probably used to seeing reality TV shows where there is lots of drama involved in designing the bathroom, along with an overly inflated budget. But remember, those are just overexaggerated situations made for television entertainment and are not representative of what happens with real quality bathroom designers. Here are a few bathroom designer myths we’ve busted for you so you can continue with your Darnestown, MD remodeling plans with confidence. 

A Bathroom Designer is Overly Expensive

One common myth about a bathroom designer is that they are extremely expensive to hire. While there are fees associated with a designer, this does not mean that they have to be exceedingly expensive. All bathroom designers work around your pre-specified budget. If something cannot be accomplished within your budget, they will let you know of any issues that might arise well before construction begins. In addition, the overall value a bathroom designer can offer makes hiring one a great long-term investment. Bathroom designers often make wholesale contracts with furnishing distributors, such as cabinetry and appliance, to make them much less expensive than purchasing one individually by yourself. Also, they have a wealth of previous experience with interior hardware; installing plumbing, lighting, and other fixtures accurately, so you don’t have to deal with leaks or outages from non-professional grade installation. 

Working with a Bathroom Designer is Intimidating

Working with any service is going to be intimidating at first. But a bathroom designer is trained with your comfort in mind. Once you get the initial meeting over with, you will find that the bathroom design process generally runs quite smoothly. Some advice is to come prepared with ideas of a theme or color scheme you would like for your bathroom designer to work with. This will make the process much easier from the beginning. Afterward, the designer will do most of the work to make sure your bathroom looks perfect and stays within budget. 

I Can “DIY” The Bathroom Based on an Internet Tutorial

Like with the “TV” drama metaphor earlier, there are thousands of picture-perfect, DIY internet video tutorials out there that guarantee an easy bathroom remodel from scratch and zero experience. What you don’t see is the grueling hours of research and manual work, the retries and breakages from incorrectly installing something, and how long the process actually takes when not cut down to a 10-minute video. Hiring a professional bathroom designer can save you hundreds of hours of work that you probably don’t have time for and are an overall better investment. In short, it’s best to leave the bathroom designer role to the pros. 

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